Stop Wal-Mart at the Wilderness Battlefield

The Civil War blogosphere is alive with concern over Wal-Mart’s recently released plan to build a Super Wal-Mart just north of the Wilderness battlefield. I wanted to make sure to add my voice in opposition to this Wal-Mart. There are FOUR other Wal-Mart’s in a 20 mile radius, for crying out loud! A Super Wal-Mart built just next to the battlefield is only going to increase the development of an area that already has traffic flow issues. For details on what you can do to voice your opposition to this plan, see the CWPT’s specific page set up for this issue.





One response to “Stop Wal-Mart at the Wilderness Battlefield”

  1. Karen Stevenson Avatar
    Karen Stevenson

    A discount store located near a Civil War battlefield is a desecration of American history
    and all the brave men who fought and died there.What price do we pay for convenience, materialism and greed?

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