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  • Civil War Preservation Trust Releases 2010 Report on Nation’s Most Endangered Battlefields

    I try not to miss an opportunity to provide TOCWOC readers with Civil War Preservation Trust press releases, and this time is no exception: Civil War Preservation Trust Releases Annual Report on Nation’s Most Endangered Battlefields Best-Selling Author Jeff Shaara Joins Trust to Unveil “History Under Siege” Report (Washington, D.C.) – The iconic Pennsylvania battlefield […]

  • Short Takes

    Henry Louis Gates, perhaps better known for his role in the “beer summit,” pens an excellent article on the slavery “blame game.” While we are all familiar with the role played by the United States and the European colonial powers like Britain, France, Holland, Portugal and Spain, there is very little discussion of the role […]

  • Volunteers, To Arms!

    Yes, citizen, arm yourself with a rake, a trash bag, and other implements of destruction and help us preserve our common heritage. The cleanup, which includes 100 historic sights in 23 states, will be between April 8 and 10 at various Civil War battlefields, so there’s still time to make plans. The event is called […]

  • Interview With Civil War Preservation Trust President Jim Lighthizer at This Mighty Scourge

    Mike Noirot recently interviewed Civil War Preservation Trust President Jim Lighthizer at his Civil War blog This Mighty Scourge.  This isn’t any ordinary blog interview, however.  Mike did an audio interview with Mr. Lighthizer, and it is broken down into eight parts in the usual mp3 format.  Make sure you tell others interested about Civil […]

  • Siege at Cedar Creek

    I received this from Jim Campi at the Civil War Preservation Trust. Please make your voice heard, it’s not over yet! Fred Ray As many of you know, the fate of the Cedar Creek Battlefield remains in doubt. In May, the Frederick County Board of Supervisors voted to allow limestone mining on nearly 400 acres […]

  • Stop Wal-Mart at the Wilderness Battlefield

    The Civil War blogosphere is alive with concern over Wal-Mart’s recently released plan to build a Super Wal-Mart just north of the Wilderness battlefield. I wanted to make sure to add my voice in opposition to this Wal-Mart. There are FOUR other Wal-Mart’s in a 20 mile radius, for crying out loud! A Super Wal-Mart […]

  • Jim Campi of Civil War Preservation Trust to Appear on Civil War Talk Radio Today

    Jim Campi, Policy and Communications Director for the Civil War Preservation Trust, is tentatively scheduled to appear on Civil War Talk Radio later today at 12 pm Pacific.  Unfortunately, my summary of the episode will have to wait until at least Sunday as I’m in Los Angeles on business and I probably won’t have permission […]