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  • Preservation Opportunities for the Darbytown Road Battles, October 1864

    For those of you unfamiliar with this story, Charles Bowery is pushing to form an organization to save the greatly endangered Darbytown Road battlefields east of Richmond and south of Richmond International Airport.  Charles grew up on the battlefield on his grandfather’s farm.  Many areas of the battlefield are currently up for sale, as you […]

  • Help Save the Darbytown Road Battlefields Around Richmond

    Eric Wittenberg posted a long and intriguing article about the Battle of Darbytown and New Market Roads on October 7, 1864.  Dr. Charles Bowery, who literally grew up on the battlefield, wrote the article.  He is trying to raise awareness that this battlefield, as well as the land on which the two other Darbytown Road […]

  • Thomas Lowry Admits Falsifying Document, Then Recants

    The saga of historian Thomas Lowry, who had admitted falsifying a pardon signed by Abraham Lincoln earlier this week, got a bit murkier today when he denied doing it. In a phone interview Tuesday, Lowry recanted his confession and said he offered repeated denials to Archives investigators over the course of a two-hour interview but […]

  • Dr. Tom Clemens to Serve as Tour Guide of Phase I of Antietam Campaign

    The Save Historic Antietam Foundtaion is putting on a tour of “Phase I” of the Antietam Campaign led by Dr. Tom Clemens, author of The Maryland Campaign of September, 1862, Volume I: South Mountain and Dennis Frye, National Park Service Historian at Harper’s Ferry.  This one-day tour will occur on July 31, 2010, covers the […]

  • Civil War Preservation Trust Releases 2010 Report on Nation’s Most Endangered Battlefields

    I try not to miss an opportunity to provide TOCWOC readers with Civil War Preservation Trust press releases, and this time is no exception: Civil War Preservation Trust Releases Annual Report on Nation’s Most Endangered Battlefields Best-Selling Author Jeff Shaara Joins Trust to Unveil “History Under Siege” Report (Washington, D.C.) – The iconic Pennsylvania battlefield […]

  • We Remember

    By Mark Acres Wars fade from memory, but they fade very, very slowly. “For every Southern boy fourteen years old, not once but whenever he wants it, there is the instant when it’s still not yet two o’clock on that July afternoon in 1863, the brigades are in position behind the rail fence, the guns […]

  • Volunteers, To Arms!

    Yes, citizen, arm yourself with a rake, a trash bag, and other implements of destruction and help us preserve our common heritage. The cleanup, which includes 100 historic sights in 23 states, will be between April 8 and 10 at various Civil War battlefields, so there’s still time to make plans. The event is called […]