Odds & Ends: July 8, 2008

This Odds & Ends contains quite a few links from the Civil War blogs.  I’m trying to fill in just a bit for the recently retired This Week in Civil War Blogs formerly run by Civil War Interactive, but I doubt I’d ever have time to fill in on a permanent basis.  I’d like to thank Laurie and the crew for their dedication over the past few years.  The Civil War blogosphere has grown quite a bit since then, so it had to be tough to keep track of them all.  Without further ado, here’s this version of O&E for your enjoyment:

  • Drew Wagenhoffer has an insightful two part interview with excellent author Peter Cozzens, who is this time working on the Eastern Theater for a change.  It appears that after reading Gary Ecelbarger’s new book on Front Royal and Winchester and seeing what Cozzens had to say here, Nathaniel Banks is getting some serious reputation rehabilitation as a result.  Bo references to good ol’ Jackson foil “Commissary” Banks in these pages!
  • Sid Champion V has created a $120,000 documentary on the Battle of Champion Hill which apparently “needs polish”, according to Sid.  Hat tip to Dimitri for this one.
  • Daniel Sauerwein at Civil War History is oh so close to completing his MA.  His thesis covers “the transition from civilian to soldier.”  Good luck on defending it on Friday morning Daniel!


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