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  • Who Shot General Hancock?

    It has become somewhat of a cottage industry to try to identify who shot various prominent figures like generals Sedgwick and Reynolds. The other say I ran across this postwar newspaper article dealing with the shooting of General Winfield Hancock at Gettysburg. The article credits Sergeant William Wood of Company H, 56th Virginia (Kemper’s brigade, […]

  • Looking for Major Blackford

    Eugene Blackford is a fascinating character and it’s easy to get drawn into his life. I’m currently publishing his wartime letters, but I’m not the only one who’s interested in him. Here’s someone else, Jared Fuoss, who followed him also, with an emphasis on Gettysburg where he is a seasonal ranger. Studying at Gettysburg College […]

  • For Your Sunday Reading

    A couple of articles that TOCWOC readers might enjoy. Joe Bilby continues his “Guns of” series for American Rifleman with “The Guns of Gettysburg.” If you want to know who shot who with what, Joe’s your man. Gettysburg was probably the first major battle anywhere where both sides were armed almost entirely with rifles. In […]

  • Gettysburg on GIS

    Smithsonian magazine has a very interesting map study of Gettysburg using modern GIS data to plot elevations and sight distances. You can take a look for yourself and see what the commanders actually saw on those fateful days. Which is not what we see on maps today where, looking down from above, we know exactly […]

  • Gettysburg’s Mystery Man

    One of the most well-known, yet most mysterious characters of the Battle of Gettysburg is Lieutenant General James Longstreet’s scout Henry Thomas Harrison, or more commonly known as simply, Harrison. Harrison gained fame and acknowledgement with the release of Ron Maxwell’s motion picture, Gettysburg and Michael Shaara’s novel The Killer Angels . Portrayed by the […]

  • Short Takes

    Carter. John Carter. Captain, First Virginia Cavalry. Ten minute trailer with lots of gratuitous Yankee-bustin’. and Looks like John Wilkes Booth won’t be bob-bob-boblin’ along at the Gettysburg store any more. Bobblehead dolls of the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln have been pulled from sale at the Gettysburg National Military Park visitors’ center bookstore. […]

  • What If YOU Could Interview Key Players at Gettysburg?

    What questions would YOU ask them?  Publisher Wild River Press wants to know, and they’ll be using those questions in an upcoming book which puts a unique new spin on the often overdone Battle of Gettysburg.  Tom Pero, the founder of Wild River Press, explains: Wild River Press (a small publisher of high-quality fishing and […]