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  • Great Antietam Sites on the Anniversary of the Battle

    Editor’s Note: I orginally wrote this article on the 147th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam.  I’ve repurposed the content today for the 149th anniversary.  If you know of other good Antietam resources on the web, be sure to leave a comment.  I particularly welcome comments from Antietam bloggers I’ve missed below.  I know there […]

  • Short Takes

    When you’re firing that nifty new replica cannon you built, try not to drop a round shot through your neighbor’s medicine cabinet as it tends to strain neighborly relations. Video here. And speaking of big guns, there’s always that double- barreled Confederate cannon, which can still be viewed at Athens, GA. A young Yankee soldier, […]

  • Top 5 Civil War Books on the Battle of Antietam and the Maryland Campaign of 1862

    Editor’s Note:  There is an updated list of Antietam books I came up with on the 150th Anniversary of the battle.  Click here to check it out: The Best Antietam (Sharpsburg) Books I love sharing the knowledge I’ve gained over the years from reading, and reading about, top Civil War books.  I’ve also always found […]

  • Bull of the West Wood

    Thanks to Brett for his pointer to Jim Buchanan’s Walking in the West Woods. And thanks to Jim for the pointer to Gen. Sumner’s papers at the Archives and for publishing his post-battle letter. Sumner’s letter would seem to support those of us who criticize his performance in the West Wood by showing pretty conclusively […]

  • Google Earth and Civil War Battlefields

    Poster “historicus” over at the History Channel forums recently had an extremely good idea.  He used Google Maps to take a look at Civil War battlefields.  Poster “Scotsman” gave readers a few sites he found after the suggestion was made: 39 28’15.06″ N 77 44’15.34″ W (Bloody Lane, Antietam) 39 47’29.89″ N 77 14’32.59″ W […]

  • A Soldier’s Remains

    Some men never came home from the war, and many were simply listed as “missing.” One such unfortunate soul came to light recently at Antietam, where a hiker in the Cornfield found what he thought were human remains. Most of those who died there (and the Cornfield changed hands numerous times) were hastily buried, then […]

  • The Civil War Network, Program 2: September 16, 2008

    The Civil War Network released its second podcast on September 16, 2008.  Francis mentions the availability of individual programs on CD as well. As I mentioned in my blog entry on Program 1, I plan to do brief summaries of the interviews Francis Rose conducts just as I have been doing for Gerry Prokopowicz’s Civil […]