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  • 16th Military History Carnival Is Out

    The 16th Military History Carnival has been posted at American Presidents Blog, and TOCWOC made the cut with the Shenandoah 1862 book review!  There are plenty of other Civil War entries this month as well.  Go check it out! Did you enjoy this blog entry?  Please consider using the ShareThis feature below to spread the […]

  • New Home Page for the Military History Carnival

    Gavin Robinson of Investigations of a Dog has decided to no longer host the Military History Carnival.  Luckily, TJ Linzy of Battlefield Biker has decided to step up and host the carnival through the end of 2009.  I’ve updated the Military History Carnival link on the right side of this page to reflect the change.  […]

  • 17th Military History Carnival Posted

    The 17th Edition of the Military History Carnival is posted…but this one looks like submissions were few and far between.  Before I chastise anyone else, I’ll cast the first stone at myself.  For the first time in awhile I failed to nominate one or two posts of my fellow Civil War bloggers.  One post which […]

  • Check Out the 15th Military History Carnival

    I missed the posting of the 15th Military History Carnival over at Cardinal Wolsey’s Today in History this weekend. The Civil War blogs are happily well represented. I encourage you to check out the carnival and make sure you nominate blog entries from your favorite Civil War bloggers for the 16th Military History Carnival, scheduled […]

  • 14th Military History Carnival Is Up

    The 14th edition of the Military History Carnival is up at Gavin Robinson’s Investigations of a Dog.  There are quite a few Civil War entries this month, including Harry Smeltzer’s multi-part investigation of “Kill Cavalry’s” heirs.  My own review of Christian Keller’s Chancellorsvile and the Germans is also listed as well.  I’ve got a permanent […]