The Winner of the March 2008 After Action Report Contest Is…

by Brett Schulte on May 5, 2008 · 3 comments

PAT HIRTLE! You can check out the details at the contest’s dedicated page here at TOCWOC. Pat’s winning entry was created using the Johnny Reb II miniature wargames rules. Pat’s entry was not only entertaining and detailed. He also had a very unique approach to his After Action Report, which was created in the form of a Board of Inquiry following a rather lopsided Union defeat at the fictional battle of Brewer’s Farm, fought in Tennessee on July 18, 1862. Pat’s framing of the AAR is as follows:

What I expected to be a well-balanced meeting engagement ended almost as soon as it began, as a result of some truly incredible die rolls – devastatingly good for the Confederates, and catastrophically bad for the Union (including several automatic routs).

This lopsided outcome got me to thinking. Of course as a player I can quite correctly point to the dice as the source of the Union‘s misfortune, but my historical counterparts were not allowed this defense. What would have happened to such an unlucky brigadier in the real world of 1862? I decided to conduct an Enquiry to find out.

(Note: Generals Grant and Sherman are of course historical characters, as is Sherman‘s adjutant J.H. Hammond. Everyone else is made up, and so are the units involved. I picked random numbers for the regiments, so I hope no Civil War buffs will be offended if I’ve placed their favourite regiment in the wrong theater for July 18th, 1862.)

Congratulations to Pat! His free copy of Campaign Chickamauga from HPS Simulations will be in the mail shortly. His AAR will appear on TOCWOC in the form of a multi-part blog entry over the next few weeks. Thank you to all who participated and better luck next time!

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