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  • 150 Years Ago, May 1863

    150 Years Ago May 1863 The quick bloodless war that men afraid they would miss is entering its’ third summer.  Both sides are showing signs of strain.  Black wreaths hang on many doors and the streets are full of maimed men.  Some historians think the dead were deliberately undercounted.  Both sides sent badly wounded and […]

  • Exploring Fort Donelson in Civil War Books and Games

    Editor’s Note: I originally meant for this post to go out yesterday, the 150th anniversary of the Confederate surrender at Fort Donelson, but spending time with two very small boys and a busy work schedule caused me to post a day late.  I beg forgiveness and hope you still find this post useful. Confederate Surrender […]

  • HPS Simulations Civil War Wargames

    HPS Simulations The HPS Civil War Campaign game line provides players with a chance to lead an army during a Civil War campaign or battle.  These games have hit the “sweet spot” between realism and playability.  The player is not over loaded with rules but the feel and major considerations of leadership is preserved. The […]

  • The Winner of the March 2008 After Action Report Contest Is…

    PAT HIRTLE! You can check out the details at the contest’s dedicated page here at TOCWOC. Pat’s winning entry was created using the Johnny Reb II miniature wargames rules. Pat’s entry was not only entertaining and detailed. He also had a very unique approach to his After Action Report, which was created in the form […]

  • Designer Notes for HPS’ Campaign Antietam

    Hat tip to Rich Hamilton at his Gamesquad HPS Simulations blog for posting the Designer Notes for Campaign Antietam and another hat tip to Eddy Sterckx for pointing me in that direction. For those wondering what these games are all about, I have also posted the notes here. For those of you who do not […]

  • Discussion of HPS’ Campaign Antietam at the Mason-Dixon Tavern

    There is currently a nice discussion ongoing about HPS Simulations‘ new Civil War Battles game Campaign Antietam at the Mason-Dixon Tavern message board. The board is the official forum of the American Civil War Game Club, a group of wargamers who play all of the HPS Civil War games as well as their predecessors, the […]

  • HPS Releases Campaign Antietam and Mexican-American War

    HPS Simulations today released the latest title in their Civil War Battles series, Campaign Antietam, along with Mexican-American War, a title which should be of some interest to Civil War wargamers. The games are selling initially at an introductory rate of $39.95, but will eventually revert to the standard price of $49.95. Details on Antietam […]