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  • Last Official Patch For Ageod’s American Civil War Released

    The last official patch for Ageod’s American Civil War, v1.15, has been released and is available at Ageod’s web site.  The patch fixes any remaining major bugs and comes in at a hefty 120 MB for the download.  Please note that this patch is NOT comprehensive.  You must update to v1.14 first prior to applying […]

  • Hey y’all

    Hello. My name is Matthew Young, and I’m a Civil War junkie. That’s why this blog appealed to me so much to begin with. I found it totally by accident while browsing in the AGEOD ACW Forums. The more I read, the more I enjoyed it. I wrote to Brett asking if I could contribute, […]

  • Interview With AGEod’s American Civil War Game Developer Pocus

    I’m pleased to present a short interview with the lead programmer for Birth of America and AGEod’s American Civil War Philippe Malacher, well known as Pocus on the AGEod forums. Pocus was gracious enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about the game and the company. I […]

  • AGEod’s American Civil War Wiki by Rafiki

    Most readers are familiar with the Wiki format made famous by Wikipedia. AGEod’s American Civil War fan “Rafiki” from the AACW Forums has created a Wiki for the game called AACWWIki. Users can join up and create and/or edit articles in the wiki. This is a really GREAT idea that could and should be used […]

  • Two New Civil War Modding Sites

    I just wanted to let fellow American Civil War wargamers know about two new modding sites I’ve rolled into TOCWOC’s pages. The NEW Harpers Ferry Arsenal hosts mods for Mad Minute Games’ Take Command Series, including Take Command 2nd Manassas (TC2M), a “real time battle simulator”. Modders have created many other battles, including Fredericksburg, Antietam, […]

  • AGEOD’s ACW Patched to v1.07

    AGEOD’s American Civil War has been patched to version 1.07 according to a news release at the Wargamer web site. This thread at the AGEOD Forums discusses all the changes.

  • AGEOD Launches Web Site for AACW

    AGEOD, designers of an upcoming Civil War computer game you may have seen once or twice on this web site (grin), have officially launched a new web site for the game.