MadMinute Games Patches TC2M to version 2.51

MMG today announced the release of a second patch for Take Command: 2nd Manassas. This brings the game up to version 2.51. Links are available for both the English CD version and the German CD version. Read the details by clicking on the full blog entry below.

Patch 2 is Up! July 14, 2006

The MMG has been working hard and is happy to bring you the 2nd and final (hopefully) patch for Take Command – 2nd Manassas. Please note that the patch includes all fixes from the first patch. Get the patch here. Here’s a list of features:

a. Added a new walk command for modders if they want to use this capability on their toolbar mods.
b. The following commands are now supported in Open Play ini files:
The TimeOfDay command allows you to change the appearance of the sky in Open Play to day, dawn/dusk, or night (TimeOfDay=0, 1, or 2 respectively). If you don’t want your commander to die during game play, then use the CantKillMe command. If you want to try out the Headquarters in the Saddle (HITS) mode of play, then use CommandHeight=10 and CommandRadius=5. This will restrict your view to what your commander could actually see “from the saddle” during Open Play. If you want to try out any of these new commands, make the appropriate entries in all of the ini files contained in the Open Play folder of the main game directory. The appropriate one will be copied to level.ini before an Open Play scenario starts and these commands will affect game play as outlined above.

2. The following fixes were applied in this patch:

1. Corrected improper grammar in scenario End Screen messages.
2. Corrected typo on Open Play screen.
3. Fixed Highlight strings on the OB page that were not being translated.
4. Scenario End Screen score and text now displays correctly.
5. Fixed issue with scenario End Screen disappearing and causing scenarios to appear as if they would never end.
6. Fixed Pause game bug – esc key still opening toolbar menu.
7. Moved the location of the completed objective ‘X’ on the officer’s popup display.
8. Fixed Map Modding – modified csv, dds, and tga map files can now be read from a Custom Scenario folder.
9. Fixed Open Play VP clock countdown on the mini map.
10. Added new Compass graphic with larger direction arrow so it is easier to see and use.
11. Enhanced button highlights for the Confederates so they are easier to see.
12. Changed double quick buttons; the Arun highlight has been removed as it was confusing to many players.
13. Changed the Arun command to not be a toggle between run and walk. The run command will now only run and will not toggle to walk.
14. Added missing low res flag graphic that showed up during game play as white block.
15. Fixed incorrect artillery graphic in the 2M Open Play OB.
16. Fixed issue with Wavering troops not retreating.
17. Fixed issue with Broken Prone troops not retreating when required to do so.
18. Fixed issue with charging units not completing their charge.
19. Reduced the likelihood of cavalry retreating after suffering casualties.
20. Fixed issue with cavalry commanders falling behind their units.
21. Fixed issue with dismounted cavalry that did not appear to be firing or repositioning even with status showing as ‘engaged’ and with valid targets in range.
22. Fixed artillery units not resupplying when out of canister ammunition.
23. Fixed No Retreat when out of ammo.
24. Fixed a unit drawing issue that was caused by units popping in and out of line of sight.
25. All scenarios now provide the player the opportunity to gain sufficient points for promotions.
26. Fixed scenario SM12 – 29 Aug – Pender (C_Brig); Confederate AI Commanders will no longer “steal” VPs from Player.
27. Fixed issue with carryover strengths not adding up correctly due to the presence of “hidden units” in some scenarios.


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