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  • The Death of Mad Minute Games

    As a playtester for Take Command: 2nd Manassas and one of the OOB creators on Scourge of War: Gettysburg, I knew some things about the Norb Timpko/Adam Bryant relationship I couldn’t really share with the public.  That relationship ended on a sour note with the dissolution of their war gaming company, Mad Minute Games, several […]

  • Two New Civil War Modding Sites

    I just wanted to let fellow American Civil War wargamers know about two new modding sites I’ve rolled into TOCWOC’s pages. The NEW Harpers Ferry Arsenal hosts mods for Mad Minute Games’ Take Command Series, including Take Command 2nd Manassas (TC2M), a “real time battle simulator”. Modders have created many other battles, including Fredericksburg, Antietam, […]

  • MadMinute Games Patches TC2M to version 2.51

    MMG today announced the release of a second patch for Take Command: 2nd Manassas. This brings the game up to version 2.51. Links are available for both the English CD version and the German CD version. Read the details by clicking on the full blog entry below. Patch 2 is Up! July 14, 2006 The […]

  • TC2M at Gamerankings.com

    Courtesy of the MMG Forums, I found a pretty interesting site that ranks console and computer games. Take a look here to see what people are saying about Take Command: 2nd Manassas.

  • Patch Is Out For Take Command Second Manassas

    The patch for Mad Minute Games’ new game Take Command Second Manassas has been released. Get the English and German versions here: TC2M Patch (English CD Version) TC2M Patch (German CD Version) A press release at MMG’s site states: The first, and hopefully last, patch for TC2M is up. We are hosting both the English […]

  • Take Command: Second Manassas AAR: “Boots and Saddles”: Sigel’s I Corps AoV on August 29, 1862

    Guys, I promised quite a while ago to clean up and post some of the AARs (After Action Reports) I wrote while playtesting TC2M. I’ll be posting these in the MMG Forums, in the Paradox Forums, and on my American Civil War Gaming & Reading Blog. The AAR below covers Sigel’s I Corps, Army of […]

  • Mad Minute Games Announces Publishing Deal and Q2 2006 Release for TC2M

    Mad Minute Games announced today that they have reached a preliminary agreement with an as yet unnamed publisher. This allows the company to see a retail release of their new game, Take Command: Second Manassas. Here are the details, straight from MMG: Major Announcement for TC2M & Preorders December 21, 2005 MadMinute Games, Inc. would […]