New Whitworth, Buck & Ball vs. Minié

by Fred Ray on January 24, 2017 · 2 comments

Cap and Ball tries out the new Pedersoli Whitworth rifle reproduction. Unfortunately this rifle remains vaporware here in the US. It was supposed to become available in mid-2016 but no one has actually seen one for sale. Too bad, since I think there’s a ready market for them out there. Suggested retail was to have been in the $1500 range.

The last repro Whitworths were made by Parker Hale in the 70s, with some sold later by the Italian firm that acquired it using their barrels. The P-Hs had a very good reputation for quality, however so does Pedersoli. Their Gibbs repro, for instance, is a consistent winner in long range black powder matches.

And then he compares the effectiveness of buck and ball with the Minié ball. This is somewhat of a hot topic and has been for 150 years. Even back in the days of the war some soldiers felt that the old .69 cal. smoothbore, which spat out four projectiles instead of one, was the way to go. Cap and Ball has his own opinion, which you may see here.

Finally, a look at what it’s like to shoot a reproduction Whitworth at 1300 yards. We’ve all heard the hype, but could you actually hit something at that distance?

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