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  • New Whitworth, Buck & Ball vs. Minié

    Cap and Ball tries out the new Pedersoli Whitworth rifle reproduction. Unfortunately this rifle remains vaporware here in the US. It was supposed to become available in mid-2016 but no one has actually seen one for sale. Too bad, since I think there’s a ready market for them out there. Suggested retail was to have […]

  • Spencers and Brooklyn Eagles

    Sorry for the radio silence but a couple of projects haven’t left me much time to blog. Here are a couple of things from around the web that might interest TOCWOC readers. A look a Christopher Spencer, “[A] quiet little Yankee who sold himself in relentless slavery to his idea for six weary years until […]

  • Short Video Takes

    Some videos that might interest TOCWOC readers: Watch an Australian re-enactor of the Napoleonic-era 95th Rifles fire a Baker rifle in sustained fire. He manages quite a respectable rate of fire, especially for a flintlock. It’s easy to see how the 95th established the superiority of the rifle on the skirmish line. The same lads […]

  • Long Range Shooting

    I was watching Future Weapons last night on the Discovery Channel, which had a segment on the Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle. I’ve handled these in the military (but have not actually fired one) and they are quite impressive. Depending on whose figures you use, they have an effective range of 1500-2400 yards. The one […]