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  • Minie vs. Buck and Ball

    I found this from a couple of years ago by Cap and Ball, who compares the relative effectiveness of the Minie ball against a single smoothbore ball and the buck and ball cartridge. No question that the rifle is more accurate but OTOH a brigade firing off a volley of buck & ball puts a […]

  • New Whitworth, Buck & Ball vs. Minié

    Cap and Ball tries out the new Pedersoli Whitworth rifle reproduction. Unfortunately this rifle remains vaporware here in the US. It was supposed to become available in mid-2016 but no one has actually seen one for sale. Too bad, since I think there’s a ready market for them out there. Suggested retail was to have […]

  • Buck & Ball

    Most students of the Civil War are familiar with the term “buck & ball”—a load consisting of a single large ball and three buckshot fired from a .69 caliber smoothbore musket. Now it can be yours! Well, sort of. An Italian ammunition company now makes a 12 gauge shotshell for home defense that sports a […]