Bull Run: Take Command 1861 Toolbar Mods

The toolbar in BRTC1861 can have its orders buttons changed, both in terms of the graphics and in terms of what each order does. The designers of BRTC1861 have made this area of the game extremely moddable. I am sure many new toolbar commands will come out in the future. I am especially looking forward to formation mods that allow more esoteric formations than the usual battle line, battle line with flanks covered, assault column choices. These toolbar mods only work for the open and custom scenario games. The .mmg scenario files which came with the game, and the toolbars inside, cannot be altered at this time. If you wish to play one of the historical scenarios with alterations simply copy the scenario files from the SDK folder on the game CD. If you wish to know more about the individual files, please click on their associated readme.txt file. (NOTE: I am still a novice at how some of the files in the game work, so any incorrect information posted here is my fault and my fault alone. As I learn how all of the files work, I can assure you I will eliminate any errors as quickly as possible.

Old Files Prior to February 1, 2007

File Name
Files Present
File Size
Mod V3_1.zip
Note: Also includes
Mike’s Sound & Compass Mods
Mike Peyrot
1.84 MB
13 others


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