Take Command 2nd Manassas Player Aids

This area hosts player aids such as Orders of Battle with strengths, weapons, quality, etc., printed maps of the battlefield, and any other guides that can help the player in his quest to “Take Command”.

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3 responses to “Take Command 2nd Manassas Player Aids”

  1. David Breland Avatar
    David Breland

    Ok, I forgot how I did this before! How do I modify the unit strengths and abilities and get them to STAY. The game won’t use a modified copy of the game disk and it overwrites the openplay file on the hard drive. Is there a way to get the modified units to stay? Even if you make the hard drive file read only the game will error out. Does anyone know a workaround?

  2. JEB Avatar

    How do you get the changes to take effect? I have changed some stuff, and played several times, but I don’t see the changes.

  3. admin Avatar


    Your best bet is to go to the Mad Minute Games Modder forum and be as specific as possible for the mod you are interested in. The guys there should have you up and running in no time.


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