Bull Run: Take Command 1861 Orders of Battle (OOBs)

Scenario editing and creation is one place that BRTC1861 can shine, IMHO. The Designers at Mad Minute Games encourage modders to go out and create new scenarios for First Bull Run, and they also would like to see user-created scenarios for Second Bull Run, and they made sure the maps stretched over to the northwest to cover the area of the second battle. Orders of Battle are created using the units.csv file located in the game. I recommend using the original units.csv file as a template for any modding attempts. At the moment, only one Army is allowed per side, so you will have to be creative if you are trying to do Second Bull Run for instance, where both the Union Army of Virginia under Pope and part of McClellan’s Army of the Potomac were both present for the Union. This idea also comes into play in the Atlanta Campaign among others. Mike Peyrot is in the process of creating a utility which will convert the old Talonsoft Battleground Orders of Battle into useable units.csv files for BRTC1861. Wrangler is creating a Scenario Tool Kit which should explain all of the aspects of scenario design, including OOB creation. And best of all, a group of modders has gotten organized and we will be creating an Order of Battle for Second Bull Run which will have accurate unit strengths down to the regimental level. Check back frequently for new OOBs for use in the game. To use any OOBs in this section, simply drop the units.csv file into the “Data Files” folder in the main game directory. (NOTE: I am still a novice at how some of the files in the game work, so any incorrect information posted here is my fault and my fault alone. As I learn how all of the files work, I can assure you I will eliminate any errors as quickly as possible.)

Old Files Prior to February 1, 2007

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