The Tredegar Iron Works – Forge of Freedom Mods

The Tredegar Iron Works is a fan site for Western Civilization’s Civil War strategy computer game Forge of Freedom. Check out the awards Forge of Freedom has won and the promotional video! I hope to make this site a quick and easy place to go to find everything you need in the way of patches, graphics mods, gameplay mods, scenarios, and any other files which change the default game in any way. If you would like to submit a mod, please use the form below. Let me know what you think of the site and what else you’d like to see. Have fun!



2 responses to “The Tredegar Iron Works – Forge of Freedom Mods”

  1. Gil R. Avatar
    Gil R.

    Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on what will no doubt be a very useful and popular site for “Forge of Freedom” players. Thanks!
    – Gil R.
    Western Civilization Software

  2. Master Gunner Avatar
    Master Gunner

    Just wanted to say thanks for keeping this site going. I always seem to come back to FoF when I need a full blown turn based strategy game. Thanks again!

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