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  • Gary Grigsby’s War Between the States Patch to Version 1.020

    Gary Grigsby’s War Between the States has been patched to version 1.020. Get the latest patch either here at the Macon Armory GGWBTS fan site Latest Patch page or directly from the Matrix Games web site. In addition to quite a few changes, the patch contains three rules changes as well: Damaged units may not […]

  • Gary Grigsby’s War Between the States Patched to Version 1.01

    Gary Grigsby’s War Between the States was patched yesterday to version 1.01.  Get the patch either on the Matrix Games web site for the game or on the Latest Patch page of The Macon Armory, my War Between the States (WBTS) mod hosting site.

  • MadMinute Games Patches TC2M to version 2.51

    MMG today announced the release of a second patch for Take Command: 2nd Manassas. This brings the game up to version 2.51. Links are available for both the English CD version and the German CD version. Read the details by clicking on the full blog entry below. Patch 2 is Up! July 14, 2006 The […]

  • HPS Patches Campaign Gettysburg to Version 1.01

    HPS Simulations has patched their Civil War computer game Campaign Gettysburg to Version 1.01. The changes are as follows: Changes for Campaign Gettysburg 1.01 – Added optional Victory Points for Supply Wagon losses. – Added optional rule for full defensive fire against melee attackers. – Change so that leaders, supply wagons, uncrewed artillery, and limbered […]

  • Patch Is Out For Take Command Second Manassas

    The patch for Mad Minute Games’ new game Take Command Second Manassas has been released. Get the English and German versions here: TC2M Patch (English CD Version) TC2M Patch (German CD Version) A press release at MMG’s site states: The first, and hopefully last, patch for TC2M is up. We are hosting both the English […]

  • HPS Patches Campaigns Corinth, Ozark, and Peninsula

    HPS Simulations announced the release of patches for three games in the Civil War Battles series on February 1, 2006. Campaign Corinth (v1.05), Campaign Ozark (v1.04), and Campaign Peninsula (v1.02) were all updated. Changes for Campaign Corinth 1.06 – Added optional Night Movement Fatigue rule. Changes for Campaign Ozark 1.05 – Added optional Night Movement […]

  • HPS Patches Campaign Franklin & Campaign Shiloh

    HPS Simulations released patches for two games in the Civil War Battles series on December 15, 2005. Campaign Franklin (v1.05) and Campaign Shiloh (v1.02) were updated. The patch for Campaign Franklin is available at and contains the following changes: Changes for Campaign Franklin 1.05 – Adjusted PDT files to eliminate Line formation rear movement […]