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  • On to Richmond: Rediscovering a GCACW Masterpiece

    I’ve been a board wargamer since 1967. In years past SPI took my $300 or so for a “lifetime subscription.” My wife despairs over the unrealized EBay value of the more than 400 board wargames that lurk on our upstairs library shelves and hide on the even larger collection of shelves in the dark recesses […]

  • Try the Scourge of War Gettysburg Demo Today!

    As the team at NorbSoftDev gets close to finishing Scourge of War: Gettysburg, a tactical battle simulator of the Civil War’s most famous battle, they’ve released a short DEMO of the game.  The demo contains a tutorial scenario and one multiplayer scenario. That’s right, this game can be played with numerous friends, competing on the […]

  • Nafziger Collection of Civil War (and other) Orders of Battle Now FREE Online

    UPDATE 2: Kathy Buker pointed out in the comments below that the official URL for the Nafziger collection is: UPDATE: I’ve finally managed to download all of the OOB files via a script provided by a friend and noticed that many of the American Civil War orders of battle are missing for some reason.  […]

  • Dead of Winter: Battle of Stones River (GBACW Series) Is Shipping to Preorders

    Dead of Winter: Battle of Stones River, the latest Civil War board game in the venerable Great Battles of the American Civil War Series, is now being shipped to all those who pre-ordered the game, including me.  The following information from the game’s information page gives some more detail: Dead of Winter is GMT’s recreation […]

  • Interview with Campaign Chancellorsville Designer Rich Walker

    Rich Walker, designer of the new HPS Civil War computer game Campaign Chancellorsville, was kind enough to answer a few questions about his work as a designer and the new game via email.  Rich has designed multiple Civil War games for HPS Simulations at this point, including Campaign Franklin, Campaign Atlanta, Campaign Shiloh, Campaign Antietam, […]

  • HPS Campaign Chancellorsville Scenario List

    I recently noticed someone had searched for “Campaign Chancellorsville Scenario List” here at TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog and I thought it’d be a good idea to provide that information for those looking for it.  After the typical historical and variant scenarios in Campaign Chancellorsville, 85 in all, there are also weather variants, scenarios […]

  • NorbSoftDev Announces War 3DII: Gettysburg!

    I am pleased to announce a new Civil War computer game I played a major role in creating, War3d II: Gettysburg!  The game is a real time tactical simulator dedicated to the Battle of Gettysburg.  I was in charge of creating the Order of Battles for each of the three days, which is worthy of […]