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  • Scourge of War: Antietam Released!

    Full Disclosure: I worked on the Scourge of War: Gettysburg game for a period of time, completing OOBs for the first two days before leaving due to the birth of my son Brock in late 2008.  I did not work on Antietam or Pipe Creek, and paid the full amount for both add-on map/scenario packs. […]

  • HPS Simulations Civil War Wargames

    HPS Simulations The HPS Civil War Campaign game line provides players with a chance to lead an army during a Civil War campaign or battle.  These games have hit the “sweet spot” between realism and playability.  The player is not over loaded with rules but the feel and major considerations of leadership is preserved. The […]

  • Regimental Fire and Fury Civil War Miniatures Wargaming Rules Will Be Out in July 2010

    I was interested to learn at The Miniatures Page message boards that Regimental Fire and Fury, the regimental level spinoff of the original brigade focused Fire and Fury, will be available for purchase by July 2010.  Regimental Fire and Fury should offer a nice alternative to the Johnny Reb III regimental level American Civil War […]

  • On to Richmond Civil War Miniatures Rules Available via Email

    EDIT: PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR A COPY OF THESE RULES.  I DO NOT HAVE A COPY.  FOLLOW THE LINK IN THIS POST TO OBTAIN A COPY. Longtime American Civil War miniatures gamers will no doubt recall Paul Koch’s On To Richmond set of ACW miniatures rules, first released in 1983.  Readers of the […]

  • Review: The River of Death: Regimental Wargaming Scenarios for the Battle of Chickamauga

    Butkovich, Brad.  The River of Death: Regimental Wargaming Scenarios for the Battle of Chickamauga. Historic Imagination (2010). 144 pages, 12 maps, orders of battle, appendices, bibliography. $14.95 (Downloadable PDF). I was excited to read recently about a new book of Chickamauga scenarios for miniature/tabletop wargamers at The Miniatures Page message boards.  Brad Butkovich’s initial effort […]

  • Promising New Civil War Computer Game from the Makers of Forge of Freedom

    I was very interested to learn over the weekend that Gil Renberg and his team at Western Civilization Software, the makers of the excellent Civil War grand strategy game Forge of Freedom, will be creating a new regimental level Civil War tactical game based in part on a greatly enhanced tactical engine from that game.  […]

  • Stonewall Jackson’s Way II and None But Heroes: Two New Civil War Boardgames from MMP

    I recently noticed a link to an interview of legendary Civil War board game designer Dean Essig at Boardgame news.  Essig was talking about his new regimental level Civil War game on the Battle of Antietam entitled None But Heroes. This excerpt from the interview provides a look at what Essig is trying to accomplish […]