Civil War News goes away…but maybe not

I had received a backchannel warning in December, but the latest issue of Civil War News made it official—January is the last one. Got those unfamiliar with it, CWN comes out monthly in newspaper format and features articles on current CW issues like re-enactments, historical issues and celebrations, and other current issues. As such it is unique. It also has a host of knowledgeable columnists who cover various different subjects, plus an excellent book review section. There’s nothing else remotely like it and it really fills a need. So I, like many, was sorry to see it cease publication. Actually, it was bought by a new publisher who wanted to turn it into a slick mag.

Now there may be a ray of hope. Drew Wagenhoffer reports that there has been an about face and that CWN will continue publication in the same format. I’m adopting a wait & see attitude. Will it be pretty much the same with a new publisher, or will it be totally revamped? I’ve seen too many excellent publications ruined by a new editor/publisher getting rid of all the old contributors and bringing in new ones that no one wants to read. We’ll see, but I’m hoping for the best.





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  1. Jackie martin Avatar
    Jackie martin

    in my estimation, one of the better CW publications out there, albeit sometimes TOO much information packed into that format, but always detailed and covered a myriad of topics. Hope it survives!!

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