Gettysburg Magazine Subscription Drive: Win Three Free Days in Gettysburg!

Gettysburg Magazine Publisher Andy Turner pointed me in the direction of a fantastic new plan to raise 1,000 new subscriptions to Gettysburg Magazine by December 31, 2011.  Best of all, if you help, you’ll be eligible to win some fantastic prizes!

Since Gettysburg Magazine relies on subscribers and does not contain ads, I commend Andy’s efforts to keep that the case for the foreseeable future.  If you are interested in the Civil War and Gettysburg, I can tell you from first hand experience that Gettysburg Magazine offers some of the best new scholarship on the battle and campaign anywhere.  Many professional historians as well as extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable amateurs have graced its pages.  Detailed tactical discussions with amazing maps are the norm.  Please read all about the offer below and head on to the Subscription Drive page to lend your support to this worthy cause.

Here are the details in full:

The Gettysburg Magazine Subscription Drive

Now through the end of the year we are having a subscription drive at The Gettysburg Magazine. For the past 22 years, The Gettysburg Magazine has brought its readers the best in scholarship on the Gettysburg Campaign. We have always done this without accepting paid advertising. For the magazine to be able to continue, we need to keep growing.

That’s where you can help, and win a great prize in the process. We are working to add new subscribers. From now until December 31, 2011, every time a person gets a new subscription, their name will be entered in our Subscription Drive Drawing. For those of you who are already subscribers, you can join in too. If you know anyone who would be interested in the magazine, let them know about us and encourage them to subscribe. If you refer them and they subscribe, you’ll get your name entered in the drawing as well. Another way to get entered is to purchase a gift subscription for someone. They make great donations to your local high school or library. This will get your name entered as well.

As you can see, there are several ways to get entered in our drawing. You can get your name in there more than once, and that can lead to gifts for you as well. If you bring in five new subscriptions through a new subscription, gift subscriptions, or referrals that subscribe, you get your choice of one of the following:

  1. any six back issues of the magazine (not including out of print issues)
  2. E. P. Alexander, Military Memoirs of a Confederate (hardcover)
  3. Confederate Ordnance Manual (hardcover)
  4. John N. Opie, A Rebel Cavalryman with Lee, Stuart, and Jackson (hardcover)
  5. Capt. Charles A. Stevens, Berdan’s United States Sharpshooters (hardcover)
  6. Glenn Tucker, High Tide at Gettysburg (hardcover)
  7. John M. Vanderslice, Gettysburg Then And Now (hardcover)

Our goal in the drive is to get 1,000 new subscriptions by December 31st. With the great number of people interested in the Civil War in general and Gettysburg in particular (3 million people visit Gettysburg every year), this should be easy. So spread the word. Tell everyone you know. Tell all your Facebook friends about it and tell them to visit the Gettysburg Magazine Facebook page. With a little bit of word of mouth, with a touch of technology thrown in, we can spread the word about this quality magazine and ensure its continued publication for many years to come.

Now for what you’ve been waiting for: the prizes. The first week of January we’ll be drawing ten names from the entries. If we reach our goal of 1,000 new subscriptions, we will give out the following prizes:

  1. 4th through 10th names drawn: Each person gets a $50 gift certificate to Gatehouse Press, publisher of The Gettysburg Magazine. You can use this on Gettysburg Magazine purchases, Morningside book purchases, Civil War books by other publishers, used and rare books, and more. See our website for all that’s available.
  2. 3rd name drawn: This person will receive a $125 gift certificate to Gatehouse Press.
  3. 2nd name drawn: This person will receive a $250 gift certificate to Gatehouse Press
  4. 1st name drawn: The first name drawn will receive the Grand Prize: a three day stay in Gettysburg for two. The prize includes a two night stay in the Historic Gettysburg Hotel on the square plus $200 cash to be used as you wish. The dates of the stay are subject to availability at the hotel.

By receiving, giving, or recommending the best material being published on the Gettysburg Campaign, you can experience all Gettysburg has to offer for yourself. If you’ve never been to Gettysburg you have to go. If you’ve been there before, you want to go back.

If we should fall short of our goal of 1,000 new subscribers by December 31st, we will still draw ten names with the prizes being gift certificates to Gatehouse Press as follows: 1st: $250 gift certificate, 2nd: $125 gift certificate, 3rd $75 gift certificate, 4th through 10th: $30 gift certificate.





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