Gray Lady Down, Dispatches From the Statue Wars

Michael Goodwin (New York Post) has another, harder look at the New York Times’s ruling Ochs-Sulzberger clan in a new column. After recounting what he revealed in the last column, he goes on to show that a member of their extended family owned slaves. Bertha Levy (later Ochs) lived for a time with her Uncle John (her father’s brother), who owned at least five slaves. There is more. Goodwin again wonders why “such breathtaking self-righteousness” as the Times has lately displayed in things like their 1619 Project does not “include the responsibility to lead by example? Shouldn’t the Times first clean out the Confederates in its own closet?” Good question.

Although Confederates are in short supply these days, the statue wars continue. In Chicago rioters attempted to pull down a statue of Columbus but were met by the police. A battle ensued, which the cops eventually won, albeit with 18 of their number injured, some of whom were hospitalized. About a dozen people were arrested. As expected these days, a group of local politicians condemned sending in the police “to beat, arrest, and terrorize the demonstrators and journalists gathered in Grant Park tonight.” At least the press has stopped calling these riots “mostly peaceful.”

In the last post I mentioned that there had been attacks on statues of the Virgin Mary. Now they’ve come for Her Son. It is part of a string of anti-Catholic attacks recently.

Update: After first saying they should remain, Chicago mayor Lightfoot caved and had the Columbus statues taken down in the dead of night. Goodbye Columbus.


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