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  • Gray Lady Down, Dispatches From the Statue Wars

    Michael Goodwin (New York Post) has another, harder look at the New York Times’s ruling Ochs-Sulzberger clan in a new column. After recounting what he revealed in the last column, he goes on to show that a member of their extended family owned slaves. Bertha Levy (later Ochs) lived for a time with her Uncle […]

  • The New York Times’s Confederate Connections

    Michael Goodwin (New York Post) has an excellent article looking at the history of the New York Times, and its Confederate connections that it now finds so offensive in others. … the Times has never applied to its own history the standards it uses to demonize others. If it did, reporters there would learn that […]

  • The New York Times on Fort Sumter

    The New York Times April 12, 1861 THE WAR IMMINENT.; Formal Demand for the Surrender of Fort Sumpter.  THE REFUSAL OF MAJ. ANDERSON.  The Bombardment Probably to Commence Immediately.  THE WAR FLEET OFF THE HARBOR.The Entire Government Forces Destined for Charleston. WARLIKE PREPARATIONS AT SAVANNAH.Departure of the Southern Commissioners from Washington. DISPATCH TO THE ASSOCIATED […]

  • The New York Times on Abraham Lincoln’s First Inauguration

    The New York Times March 5, 1861 WASHINGTON, Monday, March 4. The day to which all have looked with so much anxiety and interest has come and passed. ABRAHAM LINCOLN has been inaugurated, and “all’s well.” At daylight the clouds were dark and heavy with rain, threatening to dampen the enthusiasm of the occasion with […]

  • Stash of Civil War Newspapers Found

    The Austin Coin Collecting Society, whom I have mentioned before as having silver Confederate half dollars, has come into posession of a number of copies of the New York Times dating from the Civil War. From the cellar of an old library being remodeled, we found a small hoard of original New York Times Newspapers […]

  • New York Times archives on line

    Yup. And free. And they go back to 1851. Even though the NYT of the 19th Century was not the powerhouse it became in the 20th, there is still a trove of information here. The older articles are in PDF format, so you can’t cut and paste, but this is a minor annoyance.