C-SPAN Alert: Washington Brotherhood

Caught part of this last night but it will be broadcast again tonite at 10pm EST.  Shelden talks about the political culture of the time and some of the unlikely friendships formed such as that between Abe Lincoln and (future Confederate VP) Alexander Stephens; and Jeff Davis and William Seward. It’s a half hour and worth watching.

“Washington Brotherhood: Politics, Social Life, and the Coming of the Civil War”

Rachel Shelden

About the Program

Rachel Shelden, assistant history professor at Georgia College, reports on the collegial political atmosphere in Washington D.C. in the 1840’s and 1850’s.  The author reports that the personal relationships forged by many of the politicians of the day impacted legislative writing and left lawmakers ill-prepared for succession.  Rachel Shelden speaks at Politics & Prose Bookstore in Washington, D.C.

Rachel Shelden is an assistant history professor at Georgia College.


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  1. jackie martin Avatar
    jackie martin

    I saw this, and it’s on my reading list. It sounds very interesting; a little different twist on the events of the Civil War era, and how this shaped the social and political scene in that great city, Washington!! (I don’t think it’s Kindle ready yet, though)

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