862ga: Statement of Confederate Works in the Department of South Carolina 4 October 1862

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                 Statement of Confederate Works 
                             in the    
                  Department of South Carolina  
                         4 October 1862 

_____Works_____  ____Location____  _____Armament___   Condition    
Fort Sumter      Charleston        2 8" Shell         Complete
                    Harbor         3 9" Shell
                                   5 8" sea coast
                                   6 24pdrs
                                   3 24pdr howitzers
                                   5 10"
                                  12 8"
                                  31 32pdrs
                                   4 32pdr rifles
                                   7 42pdr
                                   6 42pdr rifles
                                   7 10" mortars  
                                  37 other guns 

Fort Moultrie    Charleston        

Fort Beauregard  Charleston        1 8"               Unfinished
                   Harbor,         1 8" shell
                   Sullivan's      1 32pdr rifle
                   Island east     2 24pdrs
                   of Moultrie     1 other gun

New Batteries    Charleston        4 10"              Unfinished
                   Harbor,         5 other guns
                   Island west
                   of Moultrie                                   

Breach Inlet     Charleston        2 32pdr            Unfinished
  Batteries        Harbor,         1 24pdr
                   Sullivan's      1 32pdr rifle
                   Island          4 12pdrs
                   north end       1 Howitzer

Morris Island    Morris Island     2 8" shell         Unfinished
   Battery                         1 32pdr rifle
                                   3 32pdrs
                                   1 24pdr rifle

    Fort         Charleston        1 32pdr rifle      Complete
  Johnson         Harbor,          1 8"
                  James Island     2 32pdrs
                                   8 other guns

Fort Ripley      Charleston        5 guns             Unfinished
Battery at       Charleston        4 32pdrs           Complete
  Lawton          Harbor           1 6" rifle
                  James Island

Battery at       Charleston        1 32pdr            Unfinished
  McLeod           Harbor,         4 24pdrs
                 Wappoo Creek      7 other guns

James Island     East of James     1 8" howitzer      Unfinished
   Lines          Island Creek     5 32pdrs
                                   8 24pdrs
                                   4 18pdrs
                                   1 18pdr rifle

James Island     West of James     1 8" sea coast     Unfinished
   Lines          Island Creek     9 siege guns
                                     12pdr to 24pdr

James Island     Fort Pemberton    1 32pdr            Complete
  Redans &                         8 other guns

Fort Lamar       Successionville   2 10"              Unfinished
                 Left flank of     2 8" shell
                     Lines         1 32pdr rifle
                                   6 32pdrs
                                   2 24pdr rifles
                                   2 other guns

   Fort          Stono River,      2 10"              Complete
 Pemberton        covering right   2 8"
                  flank of lines   2 32pdr rifles
                                   4 32pdrs
                                   2 24pdrs
                                   2 18pdrs
                                   2 12pdr rifles
                                   4 other guns

Batteries at     James Island,     2 42pdr carronades Complete
Holmes House      east end,        2 32pdr shell
                  western lines    

Batteries at     James Island      8 Field pieces     Complete
Cross Roads                        
below the

Battery at       James Island      7 Field Pieces     Complete
Cross Roads

_____Works_____  ____Location____  _____Armament___   Condition    
   Reed          James Island,     2 24pdrs           Complete
  Battery         Clark House      1 24pdr rifle
                                   3 other guns

Batteries        Saint Andrew's    10 guns            Unfinished
Connected         Parish, Wilkes
by Covered        Place

Bee's Ferry      St Andrew's Parish 20 guns           Unfinished
 Batteries       8-l0 miles above
                 the city

Charleston       From Ashley to     4 8" siege how    Unfinished
  Lines           Cooper River     2l other guns

Half Moon        East of City       7 guns            Unfinished
 Battery         on Cooper River

Batteries        Rear of Rantowles  9 guns            Complete
connected by     Station, at Junction
Covered Way      of Charleston &
                 Savannah Railroad,
                 Willstown &
                 Jacksonborough Rd.

Redoubt          Rantowles House   3 guns             Complete
                 0.875 miles from  
                 depot in fork of
                 Rantowles Creek
                 and Jacksonborough
                 Road, on Parker
                 Ferry Road.

Church Flats     600 yards below   4 guns             Complete
   Battery       Church Flats

Stono Bridge,    800 yards below   2 guns             Complete
 Bridgehead      obstructions at
                 Church Flats

Stono Bridge     Connecting John's                    Unfinished
                 Island with main.
                 360' long, 50' 
                 draw. Causeway    
                 1,075 yds  

Sullivan's Island                                     Unfinished

Floating Battery                                      Unfinished

Causeway and     Connecting east and                  Unfinished
  Bridge         west lines on James

Wappoo Draw      Connecting James                     Awaiting 
  Bridge         Island with main                     Material

U.S.  War Department,  The War of the Rebellion, 
A Compilation of Official Records of the Union and 
Confederate Armies,  Government Printing Office; 
Washington, D.C., 1882

Source: George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection


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