862fl: Union Forces Middle Department (8th Army Corps) 20 September 1862

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                          Union Forces 
                        Middle Department 
                        (8th Army Corps)
                        20 September 1862 

Commanding Officer: Major General John E. Wool

Defenses of Baltimore: Brigadier General W.W.Morris
     18th Connecticut Infantry Brigade
     17th Indiana Battery
     5th New York Heavy Artillery, (6 cos)
     l29th New York Infantry Regiment 
     l3th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment
     C/Purnell Legion (Maryland Cavalry)
     2nd U.S.Artillery, Battery I
     5th U.S.Artillery, Battery L

Annapolis: Colonel J.F.Staunton
     131st New York Infantry Regiment
     67th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
     B/Purnell Legion (Maryland Cavalry)
     Paroled Prisoners

Fort Delaware: Major H.S.Burton
     Pennsylvania Artillery (4 independent batteries)
     1st Battalion Pennsylvania Marine & Fortification Artillery
          (2 cos)

Troops Guarding Baltimore: Brigadier General W.H.Emory
     2nd Eastern Shore (Maryland) Regiment 
     38th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment 
     6th New York Heavy Artillery 
     110th New York Infantry Regiment 
     114th New York Infantry Regiment 
     116th New York Infantry Regiment 
     128th New York Infantry Regiment 
     150th New York Infantry Regiment 

Eastern Shore: Brigadier General H.H.Lockwood
     1st Eastern Shore (Maryland) Regiment 
     A/Purnell Legion (Maryland Cavalry)     

Relay House: Colonel C.L.K.Sumwalt
     138th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
     2nd new York Artillery Battalion, Battery B

     4th Delaware Infantry Regiment
     12th New Jersey Infantry Regiment
     14th New Jersey Infantry Regiment
     109th New York Infantry Regiment
     141st New York Infantry Regiment
     Patapsco Guards (Maryland)
     140th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment     
     148th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
Transferred to Department of Ohio on 16 September 1862:
     23rd Illinois Infantry Regiment
     2nd Maryland Potomac Home Brigade
     106th New York Infantry Regiment
     84th Ohio Infantry Regiment
     86th Ohio Infantry Regiment
     87th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
     6th West Virginia Infantry Regiment
     10th West Virginia Infantry Regiment
     11th West Virginia Infantry Regiment
     12th West Virginia Infantry Regiment
     1st West Virginia Cavalry Regiment (1 co)
     1st Illinois Light Artillery, Battery L

U.S.  War Department,  The War of the Rebellion, 
A Compilation of Official Records of the Union and 
Confederate Armies,  Government Printing Office; 
Washington, D.C., 1882

Source: George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection

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