862en: Abstract of Forces Portions of the Union Army of Virginia August 1862

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                       Abstract of Forces 
                         Portions of the
                     Union Army of Virginia
                           August 1862 

2nd Army Corps: Major General N.P.Banks
     1st (William's) Division:
          Staff (3/0)
          1st Brigade (Crawford's) (50/1,338)
          3rd Brigade (Gordon's) (60/1,501)
     2nd (Auygur's) Division:
          Staff (7/0)
          1st Brigade (Geary's) (85/2,202)
          2nd Brigade (Prince's) (69/1,241)
          3rd Brigade (Greene's) (89/1,420)
     Artillery: (26/706)
     Cavalry: (3/45)

3rd Army Corps: Major Rufus King
     King's Division:
          Staff (7/0)
          1st Brigade (Hatch's) (96/1,544)
          2nd Brigade (Doubleday's) (64/1,034)
          3rd Brigade (Patrick's) (81/1,693)
          4th Brigade (Gibbon's) (97/1,616)
          Artillery (13/463)
     2nd Division: Brigadier General J.B.Ricketts
          Staff (5/0)
          Artillery (3/134)
          1st Brigade (Duryea's) (97/1,775)
          2nd Brigade (Christian's) (76/1,350)
          3rd Brigade (Hartsuff's) (71/1,860)
     Cavalry Brigade: Brigadier General G.D.Bayard
          Staff (7/0)
          1st Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment (39/597)
          1st New Jersey Cavalry Regiment (34/524)
5th Army Corps: Major General Fitz John Porter
     Corps Field & Staff (7/0)
     Morell's Division (290/5,345)
     Syke's Division (141/3,2l1)
     Reynold's Division (unknown)
     Artillery Reserve (35/1,027)

U.S.  War Department,  The War of the Rebellion,
A Compilation of Official Records of the Union and
Confederate Armies,  Government Printing Office;
Washington,   D.C., 1882

Source: George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection

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