Nafziger Civil War Order of Battle Marathon over Memorial Day Weekend

Some people like Three Stooges marathons.  Others watch War movies all weekend.  I’ve done both in the past.  TOCWOC will be launching an entire weekend of Nafziger Collection Civil War orders of battle, every hour on the hour, from now until Monday evening at midnight Central time.  I’ll be celebrating and remembering my ancestors’ service in both World Wars and the Korean War.  Remember what Memorial Day is truly about amidst the sales and the partying.  Stay safe and have a happy holiday weekend everyone!


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  1. […] an order of battle for the Union Department of the South on October 31, 1862 was the final post of our hourly Nafziger Collection Civil War OOBs during this 2010 Memorial Day weekend.  I hope everyone remembered all of the men who have given their lives fighting for this great […]

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