Check out The Maps of Chickamauga “Book Trailer” by Savas-Beatie

Civil War book publisher Ted Savas of Savas-Beatie Publishing is an incredibly web savvy entrepreneur.  Look no further than Savas-Beatie’s new “book trailer” concept.  The idea is simple.  Publish “book trailers” on YouTube which let prospective buyers see the book in a way which is not possible in a book review or preview in text.  The 2 minute, 41 second book trailer for The Maps of Chickamauga by Dave Powell and David Friedrichs is one of their first efforts.  Check it out below…and go buy the book!  Dave Powell has spent decades studying Chickamauga in loving detail, and the Chickamauga volume is the best yet in Savas-Beatie’s “The Maps of…” series, IMHO.


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  1. militaryhistory Avatar

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  2. Mike Avatar

    I just spent a couple of days tramping the Chickamauga battlefield using this excellent book. A must have to finally put all the battlefield pieces together!


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