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  • Book Trailers: An Interview with Managing Director Theodore P. Savas

    Q: Savas Beatie has been developing many new avenues for promoting its business. How did the idea of incorporating book trailers come about? A: Some time ago I got the idea watching a movie trailer one day, and Sarah Keeney and I began exploring the concept, and discovered that some of the bigger companies were […]

  • Maps of Gettysburg “Trailer” Released by Savas-Beatie

    Savas-Beatie, the best non-academic publisher of Civil War books in the game today, recently released another “book trailer”, this time on their wildly successful book The Maps of Gettysburg by Bradley Gottfried, now in full color.  Check it out below or at YouTube:

  • Check out The Maps of Chickamauga “Book Trailer” by Savas-Beatie

    Civil War book publisher Ted Savas of Savas-Beatie Publishing is an incredibly web savvy entrepreneur.  Look no further than Savas-Beatie’s new “book trailer” concept.  The idea is simple.  Publish “book trailers” on YouTube which let prospective buyers see the book in a way which is not possible in a book review or preview in text.  […]