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I recently received an email from Anita Collins, whose daughter is in a New Jersey Girl Scout Troup.  The girls received a large collection of Civil War magazines that they had planned to donate to a local nursing home, but the nursing home already had plenty of magazines.  At that point, Anita contacted TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog asking how best to sell these items.  The girls plan to use the money raised to visit a historical site, a very worthy cause.  Luckily for you, I asked Anita to give TOCWOC readers first shot at purchasing the magazines.  Anita’s email and magazine listings follow.  If you’re interested in purchasing one, some, or even all of these, leave a comment below and I’ll get you into contact with her.

Dear Brett,

Thank you for this opportunity to connect with TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog.

Two Girl Scout Cadettes in NJ are trying to achieve their Silver Award (similar to steps toward a Boy Scout Eagle Award). Their community service project is to help improve the lives of residents in a Morris County nursing home.

A local history teacher donated his collection of civil war magazines to the girls, but the nursing home said they have enough magazines. The girls decided to use this opportunity to raise money for the troop to go on a historic site field trip by selling the magazines to Civil War history enthusiasts.

Can TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog readers help?

The magazines are in excellent condition and were well cared for. If there was a page crease noticed, we said the condition was very good.

Attached are the list of magazines we have for sale including Blue and Gray, America’s Civil War, and Civil War Times Illustrated.

Thanks for your help!


Click more to see the full list.  Indicate your interest in the comments.  First come, first served!  Let’s help these Girl Scouts learn more about our nation’s history!

Blue & Gray Magazine

Note: Excellent condition = like new with clean smooth pages; Very Good = a few page creases

Vol.    Issue Date   Cond. Headlines

IV         4          3/87      EX        Special Issue, Johnson’s Island Prison

IV         5          5/87      EX        Stonewall Strikes at Pope’s Flank, The Battle of Chantilly

IV         6          7/87      EX        The Great Locomotive Chase

VI         2          12/88   VG        Morgan’s Last Raid

VI         3          2/89      EX        The Battle of Stones River

VI         5          6/89      EX        Atlanta Campaign, The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Actions from 6/10-7/9/1864

VII        6          8/90      VG        The Sultana Disaster

VIII      1          10/90   VG        Battle of Brandy Station

VIII      2          12/90   EX        Rebels Raid Vermont, Urgent! Brandy Station Bulletin

VIII      4          4/91      EX        Tenting Tonight On the Old Campground, The General’s Tour

VIII      5          6/91      EX        Missouri! One Last Time, Bloody Bill Anderson

VIII      6          8/91      EX        Was It a Massacre in Southwest Virginia? E.P. Alexander and his Rebel Aircraft Carrier

IX         2          12/91   EX        The Civil War Years at West Point

IX         3          2/92      EX        Forts Henry & Donelson, 7th New Jersey – Winter Camp Wedding

IX         4          4/92      EX        Hold Five Forks At All Hazards!

IX         6          8/92      EX        Special Issue – The Second Battle of Manassas

IX         4          4/92      EX        Hold Five Forks At All Hazards!

X           1          10/92   EX        Blue & Gray Begins Its 10th Year!, The Deception of Braxton Bragg

X           3          2/93      EX        South Mountain Cavalry Clash, The Battle of Mill Springs

X           4          4/93      EX        North Anna Battlefield Now Open to the Public, Lee vs. Grant on the North Anna

X           5          6/93      EX        Special Horse Soldier Issue, Grierson’s Raid

X           6          8/93      EX        Rich Mountain Saved!, Northwestern Virginia Campaign 1861, True Story of TAPS

XI         2          12/93   EX        Special Issue, Nashville!, Behind the Scenes at Gettysburg

XI         3          2/94      EX        Battle of Port Gibson, Grant’s Beachhead for the Vicksburg Campaign

XI         4          4/94      EX        Special Issue, Grant & Lee, 1864, Brandy Station

XI         5          6/94      EX        Disney’s America Is It a Preservation Battle?, The New Mexico Campaign 1862

XII        1          10/94   EX        Arnold vs. Arnold, Escape from Hell! Gen. John Hunt Morgan

XII        2          12/94   VG        Total War in Georgia, Campaign for Wilmington and Fort Fisher

XII        3          2/95      EX        Special Issue, Gettysburg, John Buford at Gettysburg

XII        4          4/95      EX        Grant vs. Lee, No Turning Back! The First Day of the Wilderness

XII        6          8/95      EX        What Lee Saw at Gettysburg, Sultana Disaster, Vicksburg Campaign

XIII      1          10/95   EX        The Demise of Fletcher Webster, Massacre in the West Woods

XIII      2          12/95   EX        Holiday Book Buyers Extended Edition, Bentonville! Last Stand in the Carolinas

XIII      5          6/96      EX        Butterfield’s Twins at Little Round Top, Grant’s March

XIII      6          8/96      EX        Lost Victories, On the Road to Atlanta, Hood’s Texas Brigade in the Maryland Campaign

XIV      1          10/96   EX        Special Issue, Wilson’s Creek, Gen. Beverly Robertson at Brandy Station

XIV      2          12/96   EX        Special Issue, Wilson’s Creek, Gen. Beverly Robertson at Brandy Station

XIV      3          2/97      EX        Special Holiday Book Buyers Edition, New York City during the Civil War

XIV      4          6/97      EX        Special Anniversary Issue, Shiloh -The 2nd Day!

XIV      5          6/97      EX        Gettysburg, More Gary Kross’ Vignettes

XIV      6          8/97      VG        Cape Fear, Commando Operations in No. Carolina

XV        1          10/97   VG        Haunted Places of the Civil War, Things That Go Bump in the Night

XV        2          12/97   EX        Holiday Book Buyers Edition, Winchester, Virginia in the Civil War

XV        4          4/98      EX        Morgan’s Luck Runs Out in Ohio, Special Presentation Alert – Battle at Buffington Island

XV        5          6/98      EX        More Gettysburg Vignettes, Retreat From Sickles’ Front

XV        6          8/98      EX        Stuart’s Ride Around McClellan, Robin P. Roth Memoriam

XV        3          2/99      EX        Fire on the Mountain! Georgia Brigade at Crampton’s Gap

XVI      2          12/98   EX        Special Artillery Issue! Artillery Hell! The Guns of Antietem

XVI      1          10/98   EX        Baptism of Fire at Sheperdstown!, The Battle of Averasboro, first-ever thorough treatment

XVI      4          4/99      EX        Special Issue! The Battle of New Market

XVI      5          6/99      EX        Pickett’s Charge! Gettysburg Vignettes

XVI      6          8/99      VG        Brice’s Cross Roads, Forrest Puts the Skeer on the Yankees

XVI      3          2/99      EX        Yankee Debacle at Charleston!, The Battle of Secessionville

XVII     1          10/99   EX        Surrender in No. Carolina

XVII     2          12/99   EX        McClellan’s Last Stand

XVII     3          2/00      EX        Interview with Ed Bearss, Porter in North Missouri, The Palmyra Massacre!

XVII     4          4/00      EX        Mosby & Bearss This is One Special Issue!, Mosby’s Confederacy

XVII     5          6/00      EX        Gettysburg: The 1st Day

XVII     6          8/00      VG        Mosby Rides Again!, Mosby in the Shanandoah Valley

XVIII   1          10/00   EX        Special Issue!, The Vicksburg Campaign, Grant Strikes Inland

XVIII   2          12/00   EX        Battle Above the Clouds!, The Battle of Lookout Mountain

XVIII   3          2/01      EX        Special Issue!, Lee & Grant-1865, Breakthrough at Petersburg!

XVIII   4          4/01      VG        Retreat to Appomattox

XVIII   5          6/01      EX        Special Issue!, The Vicksburg Campaign, Disaster at Champion Hill & Big Black Bridge!

XVIII   6          8/01      VG        Upton’s Attack! Hand-to-Hand at Doles’ Salient!

XIX      1          10/01   EX        The Gray Ghost Rides Again! To the End of the War with Mosby’s Rangers

XIX        2              12/01     VG          XI Corps at Gettsburg, Gettysburg Vignettes #7


America’s Civil War

Condition notes:

EX= like new condition

VG = clean smooth pages with subscriber’s address box cut from cover

GD = pages cut or bent

Date                     Cond.    Cover Headline

1/2002           VG        Irish Brigade, Holding the Line at Chancellorsville

3/2002           EX        Firsthand Account, Black Troops: From Slaves to Soldiers

5/2002           VG        Shiloh, Crucible of Fire in the Hornet’s Nest

7/2002           GD        Gettysburg, Futile Federal Cavalry Charges on Day 3

9/2002           GD        Second Bull Run, New York Zouaves in the ‘Vortex of Hell’

1/2001           EX        Battle of Franklin, Hood’s Fateful Assault

5/2001           VG        Appomatox, Lee’s Last Campaign

7/2001           VG        Gettysburg Campaign, Eyewitness Accounts

9/2001           VG        First Manassas, Confusion and Carnage on Henry Hill

11/2001         VG        Fredericksburg, Lee’s Incomplete Triumph

1/2000           VG        Front Royal, Stonewall’s Key to the Valley

3/2000           VG        Valiant Charge Up Missionary Ridge

5/2000           VG        Joe Johnston’s Failure to Save Vicksburg

7/2000           VG        Point-Blank Regimental Duel at Gettysburg

9/2000           VG        Lee’s Desperate Decisions in the Wilderness

11/2000         VG        Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Controversial Capture of Fort Pillow

1/1999           VG        Second Front at Chancellorsville

3/1999           VG        Last Bloody Rite for Quantrill’s Raiders

5/1999           VG        First Manassas, Wheat’s Tiger’s Hold the Line

7/1999           VG        Rebel Night Attack on Cemetary Hill

9/1999           VG        The Little Round Top Regiments

11/1999         VG        Forrest’s Triumph at Thompson’s Station

1/1998           VG        Custer at Hanover, J.E.B Stuart’s Nasty Surprise

3/1998           VG        The Boy General of Spotsylvania

5/1998           EX        J.E.B Stuart’s Gettysburg Campaign Raid

7/1998           VG        135th Anniversary, Gettsburg

9/1998           VG        Peachtree Creek, Desperate Assault to Save Atlanta

1/1997           VG        Sheridan’s Fighting Retreat at Stones River

3/1997           VG        John Taylor Wood, Rebel Naval Raider

5/1997           VG        Last Rebel Stand at Petersburg

9/1997           VG        135th Anniversary, Antietnam

11/1997         EX        Stonewall Jackson & A.P.Hill, Confederates in Conflict

1/1996           VG        Bloody Blunder at Pickett’s Mill

3/1996           VG        Chancellorsville, The First Day

5/1996           VG        Showdown at Shiloh

7/1996           GD        English Diarist at Gettysburg

9/1996           VG        Rebel Rout of Streight’s Raiders

11/1999         EX        Opening Moves at Chickamauga

1/1995           VG        Southern Stand in the Battle for Atlanta

3/1995           VG        Fredericksburg: Union’s Brief Breakthrough

5/1995           VG        Driving Dixie Down, The Fall of Richmond

9/1995           VG        Irish Brigade’s Man of the Sword

11/1995         EX        Fighting with Nathan Bedford Forrest in Tennessee

3/1994           VG        How Battle Hymn of the Republic Became a Weapon

9/1994           VG        Lee’s Early Trial by Fire

11/1994         EX        Forging a General: Grant’s Early War Days

1/1993           VG        Battle of Galveston

3/1993           VG        Big Bethel

5/1993           VG        Union Feud

11/1993         EX        Cleburne’s Rally

1/1992           VG        Little Round Top

3/1992           VG        Fremont’s Army

7/1992           VG        Antietam Cornfield

9/1992           VG        Yankee Rebels

11/1992         EX        Ewell’s Assault

1/1991           VG        Bloody Shiloh

3/1991           VG        Shelby Foote Interview

5/1991           VG        Rebel Raider, Battle of Winchester

9/1991           VG        Andrew’s Raiders, Assault on Fort Wagner

11/1991         EX        Kelly’s Ford, Confederate Torpedoes

11/1990         EX        Bristoe Station, Union’s War Eagle

1/1989           VG        Stonewall’s Lost Battle

3/1989           VG        Sheridan’s Ride

7/1989           VG        Shenandoah in Flames

9/1989   VG          Sherman at Resaca


Civil War Times Illustrated

Condition notes:

EX= excellent condition

VG = address label cut from cover

GD = other wear

FR = no cover

Date                     Cond.    Headline story

Feb 1979                     EX            The Peninsula Campaign, Part I

May 1979                   EX            The Peninsula Campaign, Part III

Jul 1979                       VG            Confederate Generals, a view from below

Aug 1979                    EX            First Fair Chance

Jan 1980                     EX            The Petersburg Follies

Feb 1980                     EX            The War Album of Henry Dwight, Part I

Apr 1980                     EX            The War Album of Henry Dwight, Part II

Jun 1980                     VG            A Pack of Indians and Cowards

July 1980                    VG            First Manassas, a special issue

Aug 1980                    VG            The Prince and the Confederates

Feb 1981                     VG            The Battle of Batton Rouge

Apr 1981                     VG            Uncle Dan and Dixie

May 1981                   VG            Stonewall Jackson’s Wagonmaker

June 1981                   EX            Secession in the West

Dec 1981                     EX            Dissent: Fire in the Rear

Jan 1982                     VG            Pirates! Rebel sea raiders in Maine

May 1982                   VG            The children’s crusade

Mar 1982                    VG            Mobile surrenderers

April 1982                   VG            20th Anniversary Issue, special art & photo edition

June 1982                   VG            Yorktown’s second siege

Sep 1982                     FR             Inside a beleagured city

Oct 1982                     FR             War on the river

Nov 1982                    VG            Cavalry march by night

Dec 1982                     VG            Money, Money, Money

Jan 1983                     VG            March to the sea!

Feb 1983                     GD            Lincoln takes Norfolk

Mar 1983                    VG            The Other Civil War

Apr 1983                     VG            How men die in battle

Sep 1983                     VG            When I marched to Vicksburg

Nov 1983                    VG            Secret orders – murder the rebel president

Feb 1984                     VG            Lincoln, Anniversary of the birth of a president, 175 years

Mar 1984                    VG            Sonewall Jackson, the wrath of God

May 1984                   GD            Lust for love and battle

Jun 1984                     GD            Burn the town arson on order

Oct 1984                     VG            Outrage! Bigotry shames two nations

Mar 1985                    EX            Damn the Torpedoes! Infernal rebel machines

Apr 1985                     VG            Mutiny in the Union Army

Sep 1985                     VG            Ungodly ammo, the explosive bullet

Oct 1985                     VG            Unfit commander? Old Rosy’s war

Jan 1986                     VG            Death of a regiment

Oct 1986                     VG            Mourning at Chickamauga

Feb 1987                     VG            Plotting Mr. Lincoln’s Murder

Mar 1987                    EX            25th Anniversary Year. Is time travel for you?

Apr 1987                     VG            Antietem, special expanded issue, 125 years after the battle

May 1987                   VG            Send in the Marines

Oct 1988                     EX            Rebel Yell! The story of the South’s battle cry

Dec 1988                     VG            General Grant drunk on duty

Jan 1989                     EX            Could you survive in a civil war prison camp?

Feb 1989                     EX            Who can solve the mystery of the lost confederates?

Apr 1989                     EX            Who’s responsible for defeat? A rebel scapegoat’s story

May 1989                   EX            Soldiers face death on top of a cliff in Virginia

Summer 1989            VG            General Sherman Takes Atlanta – A Special Issue

Sept/Oct 1990            VG            Way out west: Indians kill rebels on a secret mission

Nov/Dec 1990            EX            Do you have the nerve to buy a real civil war cannon?

Jan/Feb 1991             VG            Yanks cheer Lincoln in Richmond

May/Jun 1991           VG            Exclusive: historic photos seen here for the first time

Sept/Oct 1991            VG            After Gettysburg, General Meade abused by critics

Nov/Dec 1991            FR             How to capture a general

Mar/Apr 1991            VG            Grant’s secret strategy

Jan/Feb 1992             VG            Confederates rally again

May/Jun 1992           VG            Bugler, sound the charge!

Sep/Oct 1992             VG            Killing on Horsehoe Ridge

Nov/Dec 1992            EX            Cannons Roar in Georgia, After the riots: troops run loose in New York City

Jan/Feb 1993             VG            Rebels Attack Washington

May/Jun 1993           VG            Bad Ben Butler the “Beast” of New Orleans

Jul/Aug 1993              VG            Who died at Gettysburg leading the Civil War’s most famous charge? It wasn’t Pickett

Sep/Oct 1993             VG            Rare Confederate battle report rediscovered

Nov/Dec 1993            EX            Gettysburg, the giant battle becomes the giant movie

Jan/Feb 1993             VG            Do you want to buy a battlefield? US History on the block

Mar/Apr 1993            VG            Stonewall Jackson’s first great victory

May/Jun 1993           VG            A bayonet charge saves an army, a medal of honor is lost and Southern women take up arms

Sep/Oct 1993             VG            What if the South won the war

Dec 1994                     EX            In Big Trouble with the Boss, US Grant Refuses to Answer His Superior

Jan/Feb 1995             VG            Mystery general, new light on the South’s shadowiest figure

Jun 1995                     VG            J.E.B. Stuart’s Revenge

Apr 1995                     VG            Faithful Friends, Army Dogs in the War

Oct 1995                     EX            Dixie in Flames, What Yankees Really Did to the South

Dec 1995                     EX            Collector’s Issue: Lincoln, President of a Broken Republic

Apr 1996                     EX            Generals who got their start in the Mexican War

May 1996                   EX            Exclusive! Lost photos of Antietem Hospital

Jun 1996                     EX            Custer, from class clown to battlefield hero

Aug 1996                    EX            Forrest, the devil hijacks a gunboat

Oct 1996                     VG            Flags of the Confederacy, Rebel stars and stripes

Dec 1996                     EX            New York’s Fighting Scotsmen, Yankees in Kilts

Feb 1997                     VG            Special Issue: Indians in Blue and Gray

May 1997                   VG            Heroism and death at the Battle of Corinth

Aug 1997                    VG            At the front without a gun, a Quaker tells his story

Oct 1997                     VG            Old men fight for Virginia at Cloyd’s Mountain

Dec 1997                     EX            Fredericksburg, the high price of valor

Feb 1998                     VG            The Other Stonewall

Mar 1998                    VG            No Mercy, Lincoln Condemns a Man to Die

May 1998                   VG            California Cavalry

Jun 1998                     VG            Lee in the Wilderness

Aug 1998                    VG            Gettysburg, who’s really to blame fro the rebel loss?

Oct 1998                     VG            The Wrath of Sherman

Nov 1998                    VG            Controversial Union Commander, Devil Dan Sickles

Dec 1998                     EX            The Fighting Irish Brigade

Feb 1999                     VG            Custer faces his first bullets at first Bull Run

Mar 1999                    VG            Chasing Lincoln’s Killer

Jun 1999                     VG            Escape from America’s Devil’s Island

Oct 1999                     VG            The Deadliest Weapons: You’d be Surprised What They Are

Dec 1999                     VG            Battlefield Debut, Forrest’s First Fight

Feb 2000                     VG            Rare prison artifact: secret newspaper

Mar 2000                    VG            Jefferson Davis and the Jews

May 2000                   VG            The End of the War

Jun 2000                     VG            The Union Regulars

Aug 2000                    VG            Patton’s Honor

Oct 2000                     VG            Praire Grove

Dec 2000                     VG            C.S.S. Alabama in Peril!

Mar 2001                    VG            Forgotten fighter, Lucius Polk

May 2001                   VG            Warrior president, Rutherford Hayes

Jun 2001                     VG            Did Booth work for the South?

Aug 2001                    VG            Stonewall’s Close Call

Oct 2001                     VG            Morgan’s Kentucky Feud

Dec 2001                     VG            The Grim Reaper

Feb 2002               GD          When Lincoln lived by the sword


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  1. Robert Avatar

    Hi Brett,

    Did the troop menion prices? Maybe I missed it. I’d like to fill in some gaps and purchase a large qty. Not interested in any with no covers and not overly interested in any that have been cut. Thanks. Robert

  2. Ron Young Avatar

    I’d be interested in all of them.

  3. Charles Svec Avatar
    Charles Svec

    There are several issues that I would be interested in. If you could forward my email on to her I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  4. admin Avatar


    Anita has not mentioned any prices to me. I’ll put you in touch with her directly via email.


  5. admin Avatar

    Thanks everyone for responding! I’ve passed your interest on to Anita.


  6. Peter McHugh Avatar
    Peter McHugh

    I’d like to buy some Civil War Times Mags…How could I do so?

    1. admin Avatar


      I’m not sure if Anita still has magazines available, but I forwarded your message to her via emailed and CCed you in. Thanks!


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