Short Takes

Other projects and an upcoming family reunion haven’t left much time for blogging, but I’ll try to scribble off a few words tonite. Had dinner with fellow author John Fox the other nite at one of Asheville’s brew pubs, Jack of the Wood (highly recommended). John, who runs Angle Valley Press,  is finishing up his book on “the Confederate Alamo“—the bloody fight at Fort Gregg at the end of the Petersburg campaign—and expects it to be out sometime this fall. I look forward to reading it.

Pennsylvania news station WGAL (“News 8”) is embedding some correspondents at Gettysburg this year, and you can look at their reports (on video) at their web site. Good to see the media take an interest in this sort of thing.

“Writer Beware” blog is reporting that the US Justice Department is investigating the Google settlement, which has been put on hold. I agree that this is an extremely important (and hard to understand) case and am glad to see them taking a hard look at it for anti-trust violations. OTOH I would not like to see Google Book Search go away as it has been a gold mine for 19th Century material. The blog is worth looking at if you’re a author, as it covers similar topics of interest. And yes, you do need to beware!

And finally, a good piece of free software—at least if you run Windows—Microsoft SyncToy 2.0. It’s an easy way to synchonize folders and whole drives, and is simple to use. I use it to back up all my data files to an external drive every nite just before I shut everything down. Recommended—and free!


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