Top 10 Civil War Blogs Redux

I recently came up with a list of the Top 10 Civil War Blogs I read on a daily basis, and inadvertently omitted Rene Tyree’s excellent Wig-Wags blog from my list.  With that omission in mind, I reflected on those blogs which narrowly missed the cut and decided to come up with another list of Top 10 Civil War Blogs, those blogs which didn’t quite make the original Top 10 Civil War blogs list, but which provide students of the Civil War with a lot of valuable information as well.  Some of these blogs are focused on areas I’m not as interested in personally, but which still deserve to be mentioned since they will appeal to many Civil War buffs.  I’m going to do this Top 10 Civil War blogs list a little differently, with no numbering system and listed in alphabetical order.  Of course, I plan to include Wig-Wags this time to make up for my earlier mistake!  If a blog didn’t make this list, it probably had a little to do with posting frequency.  Those who post more often got the nod over others who don’t keep up such a regular schedule.  Without further ado, here is the next list of Top 10 Civil War blogs.

Top 10 Civil War Blogs: 11-20

  • Cenantua’s Blog: Robert Moore (aka Cenantua) is the author of several books in the H.E. Howard series and focuses on how Southerners remember the war and questions those who fail to note the difference between Southern History as a whole and Confederate History, one part of that whole.
  • Civil War Librarian: Professor Rea Andrew Redd focuses on highlighting upcoming Civil War books and reviewing new and old books. Many posts are drawn from other sources with “CWLs” take on the book in a paragraph at the bottom. In any case, this is a good source for upcoming Civil War books.
  • Civil War Memory: Kevin Levin’s Civil War Memory, like Robert Moore’s blog, focuses on remembrance, specifically how people remember the Civil War today. Quite a bit of time is spent highlighting how Confederate heritage groups remember the war and disagreeing vehemently with their views. Black Confederates and modern day uses of the Confederate flag are frequent topics of debate.
  • Civil War Women: Blogger “Maggiemac” blogs about women who made their mark during the Civil War. Abolitionists, wives of Civil War generals, nurses, female soldiers, and more are given their due in a “one post per individual” format.
  • Hoofbeats and Cold Steel: Author J.D. Petruzzi blogs often about the Union cavalry and Gettysburg, mainly because he has written books and articles on these subjects.
  • North Carolina and the Civil War: Another author, Michael C. Hardy, runs North Carolina and the Civil War. He has authored many regimental histories of North Carolina units as well as a history of the Battle of Hanover Court House during the Peninsula Campaign.
  • Teaching the Civil War with Technology: Jim Beeghley’s Teaching the Civil War with Technology provides readers (many of them presumably teachers J) with ways to teach students about the Civil War in new and exciting ways. Jim is an avid fan of Web 2.0 and is always looking for more ways to connect with the students of today.
  • Wig-Wags: Rene Tyree’s Wig-Wags, like Chris Wehner’s Blog 4 History, does not focus solely on the Civil War.  However, Rene has taken more than one Civil War course in his graduate studies, provides Civil War book reviews, original articles on interesting Civil War topics, and has made me REALLY, REALLY want to buy a Kindle 2 or Kindle DX!

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12 responses to “Top 10 Civil War Blogs Redux”

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  2. David Woodbury Avatar

    Those of us who failed the make the SECOND cut are really getting nervous now, Brett. I hope you’ll stop short of posting a top ten “least recommended” Civil War blogs!


  3. admin Avatar


    🙂 You would have made it for sure except for posting frequency. When you do post, the quality is always outstanding!


  4. Craig Avatar

    Thanks for the nod.

    Your blog is quickly becoming a “portal” for those entering the blogosphere looking for the Civil War! I always get tons of referrals from TOCWOC.

    Now if you could do the same on the baseball front and keep the Cardinals on top….


  5. admin Avatar


    You’re welcome. It’s good to hear you’re getting some hits from my direction!

    Viva El Birdos will have to do on the Cards’ front…


  6. Jim Beeghley Avatar


    Thanks for the recognition. I wanted to let you know that my webstats went thru the roof the day you posted and the day following.

    I have also received some comments and new subscribers.

    Thanks again,

    1. admin Avatar


      You’re welcome! I hope the others had similar results as well.


  7. Bronnie Avatar


    Thanks for your blog and also for putting all of these great blogs in one place. I agree totally with Craig’s comment. A newcomer to the Civil War blog world, I have found a wealth of interesting and informative information here to better prepare me for my reenactment interests.


    1. admin Avatar


      You’re welcome! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your time here.

  8. Jim Avatar

    I think you euphemistically described Levin’s blog. His posts are in majority anti-southern. It’s interesting how Kevin refuses to look at contradictory souces regarding topics such as black Confederates, reasons for secession and war, etc.

  9. burkhalter Avatar

    I was following the CW Memory Blog this week and he seemed totally focused on the shutdown, blaming the Republicans and the House. Not surprising from an academic type, though he (surprisingly) lacks a PHD. When challenged on factual points he used snarky one liners that personally denigrated the poster. Amazingly he changed the wording of the postings and not in a clarifying way.
    Didn’t Joe Ellis and Doris Kearn-Goodwin plagarize, though in a somewhat diffrent way.

    He even denied that the Yellowstone Rangers over-reacted in the Foreign/Senior Tourist incident! Amazing! Oh, well it takes all kinds.

    As these are subjective opinions I would never comment but this guy has extraordinarily gone over the ;ine and has lost a follower and a potential business relation.

    From the looks of his blog responders he praises those who disagree with him

  10. Bob Ruth Avatar
    Bob Ruth


    Although I’ve been reading about the Civil War since my early teens – many, many years ago – I’m relatively new to the CW blogosphere. Your blog and several others you recommend are now on my computer’s favorites.


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