Mine Run Campaign Addendum

Since I posted last week, History Channel forum poster “sfcdan” has written parts 6-9 of his Mine Run Campaign series.  Here are the links to the individual posts.  Go check them out!

Mine Run Part 6 – Payne’s Farm

Mine Run Part 7 – New Hope Church

Mine Run Part 8 – Parker’s Store

Mine Run Part 9 – Decision Day

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2 responses to “Mine Run Campaign Addendum”

  1. Drew W. Avatar

    Upon your recommendation, I picked up a used copy of the H.E. Howard series Mine Run book. I agree with what you said in your review (from your book collection website), and concur that it’s one of the better books from the series. The Bristoe Station book, however, is currently out of my price range!

  2. RHurley Avatar

    Just read through the entire dialogue with Dan, CW, Pat, Diane and the others. OUTstanding in every way. Thanks Brett for spotlighting this exchange.

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