Five Books on Confederate Diplomacy

Reader Alexandra asked recently about some recommendations for books on Confederate diplomacy.  After checking at some of the various Civil War forums I frequent, the following list of five books were recommended.  Please note that I know nothing about the relative merits of these volumes, but the people who responded to my request are all known by me to be knowledgeable Civil War buffs.

1. Title: King Cotton Diplomacy: Foreign Relations of the Confederate States of America

Author: Frank L. Owsley

2. Title: The Secret Service Of The Confederate States In Europe

Author: James D. Bulloch

3. Title: One War at a Time: The International Dimensions of the American Civil War

Author: Dean B. Mahin

4. Title: The Confederate Republic: A Revolution Against Politics

Author: George C. Rable

5. Title: A Government of Our Own: The Making of the Confederacy

Author: William C. Davis

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    Phil Myers, author of Caution and Cooperation, had the following to add at The Dispatch Depot Message Board:

    “The best books out there now on Confederate Diplomacy are Frank L. Owsley’s King Cotton Diplomacy, which was originally published in 1931, revised somewhat by his wife Harriett in 1959, and now is coming out in a 3d edition with an introduction by Howard Jones. Charles M. Hubbard’s The Burden of Confederate Diplomacy is just excellent. You might also want to see Chapter 9 in my Caution and Cooperation: The American Civil War in British-American Relations that just came out. All of these studies can be purchased through the usual channels as used or new books. Hubbard especially has a wonderful bibliography for further reading on the subject.”

    Brett S.

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