Books on Confederate Diplomacy?

I recently received an interesting email from TOCWOC reader Alexandra.  Her friend from the Netherlands is looking for some good books on Confederate diplomacy.  She writes:

Hello, a friend in the Netherlands has asked me to find him a book to read on his vacation. This is what he said he wants:

Hello Alexandra,

I have been looking for information/a book about the American Confederation (The South) during the American Civil War.  You can’t find any American history books here in the bookshops. I would like to know more about how the rest of the world dealed with that “new” state.  For instance which countries recognized that new state, who were their trading partners etc. Mabey you can find something about this subject. I ussume these kind of books are only in English. I go on holiday the last week of September.

I’ve withheld the name of Alexandra’s friend for privacy reasons, but his question is a good one.  Confederate diplomacy is not a subject I’ve spent much time on.  If you’ve read some books on Confederate foreign relations, Alexandra and I would be very interested in your answer!

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2 responses to “Books on Confederate Diplomacy?”

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    Here are the books people recommended in the various Civil War forums I posted this question on:

    1. Title: King Cotton Diplomacy: Foreign Relations of the Confederate States of America
    Author: Frank L. Owsley

    2. Title: The Secret Service Of The Confederate States In Europe
    Author: James D. Bulloch

    3. Title: One War at a Time: The International Dimensions of the American Civil War
    Author: Dean B. Mahin

    4. Title: The Confederate Republic: A Revolution Against Politics
    Author: George C. Rable

    5. Title: A Government of Our Own: The Making of the Confederacy
    Author: William C. Davis

    Feel free to add to this list if you are coming to this blog entry at a later date. I’ll be doing a blog entry on this soon as well.


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