Odds & Ends: July 17, 2008

This version of Odds & Ends can teach you about the Emancipation Proclamation, tell you about some upcoming events at Petersburg National Battlefield, see what kind of Zouave you’d be, and even shed some light on strange steam engines and weapons of the Civil War Era.  Read on to find out how:

  • ARTstor Blog points out that The Century Magazine Illustrations of the American Civil War collection is now available in their Digital Library. They continue:

This collection is the result of a project undertaken by Allan Kohl, Visual Resources Librarian at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, to assemble images depicting Civil War battle scenes and camp life, as well as details of weapons and uniforms. Kohl selected approximately 100 images from Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, a four-volume publication issued serially in 1887-1888, which presents a comprehensive account of the war that lasted from 1861-1865. Kohl also provided cataloging information for the collection, including topical references to major events and campaigns.

To view this collection: go to the ARTstor Digital Library, browse by collection, and click “Century Magazine Illustrations of the American Civil War (Minneapolis College of Art and Design);” or enter the keyword search: century magazine kohl.


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  1. Harry Avatar

    I must be some kind of idiot…I can’t figure out how to get to ARTstor’s digital library.

  2. […] Odds & Ends: July 17, 2008The July 2008 issue of Blue & Gray magazine is dedicated to The Attack on Fort Stedman. The major article in this issue was written by National Park Service volunteer William C. Wyrick. Larry Arhart discusses opposing views on Lincoln … […]

  3. admin Avatar


    don’t feel bad. I couldn’t find it either! I figured my readers would catch something I missed. I’m going to have to go back to that site and do some digging…


  4. Craig Avatar

    Yankees sowing salt through Georgia? Come now, just think about that one from a logistical stand point. How many pounds of salt would be required to lay a single acre of land desolate? Probably more than a single man could carry. From personal experience, using road salt to defoliate weeds that were growing up near my house, in of all places, Georgia – it took five pounds of salt to kill off a strip 2 feet wide by 250 feet. And that only lasted for a year and a half. But then again, Sherman ate babies, stole Christmas hams, ran red lights, double parked his wagon trains, made tele-marketing calls during Sunday dinner, and imported the boll weevil.

  5. the upstairs girl Avatar

    Thanks for linking to me! I’ve learned so much just trolling through the entries here! Great site!

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