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  • Blue and Gray, Volume 26, Number 1 Has Been Posted

    An index and summary of Blue & Gray Magazine, Volume 26, Number 1 has been posted at the American Civil War Magazines and Journals Index. Did you enjoy this blog entry?  Please consider using the ShareThis feature below to spread the word and Subscribe to TOCWOC’s RSS feed today!

  • B&G Article on Fort Stedman: Who Probed Fort Friend?

    In my last post I looked the attacks on the attacks on Battery IX and Fort McGilvery in the northern sector, where I concluded that Gen. Walker got three brigades into action (Lewis, Kasey and Ransom) but failed to make a coordinated attack on Battery IX and any ground attack at all on Fort McGilvery. […]

  • Blue & Gray article on Fort Stedman: Ransom’s brigade

    Before taking a look at Fort Friend, I first want to examine the actions of Ransom’s brigade (24th, 25th, 35th, 49th, and 56th NC regiments) at Fort Stedman. Students of the battle, including myself, have had it attacking Battery IX, but after taking another look I have come to the conclusion that Ransom’s and Wallace’s […]

  • Blue & Gray article on Fort Stedman

    In a previous post I looked at some order of battle problems with the recent Blue & Gray article on Fort Stedman. Today I’ll look more at the article itself, particularly the treatment of the sharpshooters. There are some issues, as I’ll try to point out, with which I disagree but are honest differences of […]

  • Blue & Gray: Attack on Fort Stedman

    Grabbed a copy of Blue & Gray magazine the other day for the article on the battle of Fort Stedman. For those unfamiliar with the action, it was the last assault of the Army of Northern Virginia on March 25, 1865. The article is by William Wyrick, a volunteer at Petersburg National Battlefield. Wyrick and […]

  • Odds & Ends: July 17, 2008

    This version of Odds & Ends can teach you about the Emancipation Proclamation, tell you about some upcoming events at Petersburg National Battlefield, see what kind of Zouave you’d be, and even shed some light on strange steam engines and weapons of the Civil War Era.  Read on to find out how: Rea Andrew Redd […]

  • Blue & Gray, Fall 2005

    Blue & Gray magazine is one of the top Civil War magazines available. The main articles usually contain endnotes, and the maps are very detailed and numerous. Blue & Gray has an “article and tour guide format”. That is, the magazine contains a main article on a battle or campaign, and later in the issue […]