Lincoln-Douglas Debate Podcasts

Many of you are familiar with Civil War Talk Radio, a weekly radio program hosted by Professor Gerald Prokopowicz of East Carolina University. And some of you may know the shows can be downloaded and listed to on any mp3 player such as an iPod. If you are a fan of listening to something other than music on your iPod, I’ve got a nice treat for you today.

In a series of podcasts called The Real Issues – The Real Debates, “Rodney Davis and Douglas Wilson, co-directors of the Lincoln Studies Center at Knox College, discuss each of the historic Lincoln-Douglas Debates.” It looks like podcasts are available only for the debates held in Ottawa, Freeport, and Jonesboro, and I’m not sure how soon the others will appear. I plan to give these a listen (they are only ten months each) in between episodes of Civil War Talk Radio. Has anyone else listened to these? Do you know of any other sites with Civil War related podcasts available?


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  1. Peter Bailley Avatar

    All seven debate podcasts, plus an eighth podcast that gives an overview of the book, are available at

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