Progress on American Civil War Gaming & Reading Posts

First of all, happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there! I just wanted to write a short note about the old blog posts from American Civil War Gaming and Reading. As you may recall, posts from mid-June 2006 to February 2007 (the end of that Civil War blog’s run) did not transfer over to the new TOCWOC civil war blog correctly. I have been working diligently to go through and transfer each and every post from the old blog to TOCWOC. I’ve managed to finish June-September 2006. If you want to see some of what has been added, I encourage you to look at the archives for June, July, August, and September 2006 located on the left sidebar. There are quite a few posts from my series looking at Eric Jacobson’s for Cause and for Country, Fred Ray was very active during this period, and there are also many of my book reviews out there as well. The work will continue slowly, and I hope to have all of the posts from my old Civil War blog up within a month or two. Lastly, I’ve used my .htaccess file to redirect the links to some of the old posts and archives at American Civil War Gaming & Reading to redirect to the proper areas here at TOCWOC. It’s not a simple process, and I doubt it will ever be completely finished, but if you find old links to ACWG&R take you to a 404 file not found error page here, by all means report them and I’ll do my best to update the redirect code.


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  1. Drew W. Avatar

    Have you been cutting and pasting the html post by post? That sounds like fun.

    Speaking of ‘404 file not found’ errors, a post of yours from a little while back about why you review old books gave that error message when I clicked on the link.

  2. Brett Schulte Avatar


    Pretty much, except the WordPress GUI allows me to highlight text and images from my old site and paste in as is. It has been taking me about two hours or so per month depending on the types of posts. Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson. I’ve been doing backups once per week since I started TOCWOC.

    Thanks for pointing out the link issue. I’ll go back and try to hunt it down.

  3. Bryan Spellman Avatar
    Bryan Spellman

    Help!!! I am an amateur historian, love a little of everything but now want to get serious about the American Civil War. Can I get some help on where to start. I mostly want to focus on the military history, most of my reading has been on cause/effect etc…

    I am currently reading Gettysburg by Stephen Sears….

    Thank You!

  4. Brett Schulte Avatar


    What you are looking to study just so happens to be what I’ve always been interested in. For starters, check out my Civil War book collection online. That should give you a good idea on some of the books I’ve liked on major battles. You might also want to become an everyday reader of Drew Wagenhoffer’s Civil War Books and Authors blog at:

    You’ll find that Drew and I often have the same taste in books. Good luck! You’ve chosen a hobby that has the potential to take up a LOT of your spare time if you let it… 😉


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