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  • Review: A Beckoning Hellfire: A Novel of the Civil War

    A Beckoning Hellfire: A Novel of the Civil War By J. D. R. Hawkins On Christmas Eve, 1862 David Summers and his family learn of the terrible news of his father’s death, presumably at the hands of Yankee soldiers, at the battle of Fredericksburg a week earlier.  The following spring, on a mission of revenge […]

  • Request for Another Civil War Fiction Reviewer

    UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who replied.  TOCWOC now has enough reviewers of historical fiction. Readers, do any of you routinely read and enjoy Civil War-based historical fiction? I ask because I am getting A LOT of requests at TOCWOC – A Civil War Blog to review Civil War historical fiction.  Author Jessica James reviews fiction […]

  • Welcome Jessica James to TOCWOC!

    That was quick!  My request for a Civil War fiction reviewer has already been answered.  Jessica James, author of the award-winning Civil War novel Shades of Gray: A Novel of the Civil War in Virginia and an avid reader of Civil War fiction, has graciously agreed to try her hand as TOCWOC’s unoffical Civil War […]

  • Review: Three Days in the Shenandoah by Gary Ecelbarger

    Gary Ecelbarger. Three Days in the Shenandoah: Stonewall Jackson at Front Royal and Winchester (Campaigns and Commanders). Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press (April 30, 2008). 273 pp., order, of battle, notes, bibliography, index. ISBN: 978-0806138862 $29.95 (Hardcover w/DJ). Were Union troops even involved in the 1862 Shenandoah Valley Campaign? From reading many sources focusing […]

  • Progress on American Civil War Gaming & Reading Posts

    First of all, happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there! I just wanted to write a short note about the old blog posts from American Civil War Gaming and Reading. As you may recall, posts from mid-June 2006 to February 2007 (the end of that Civil War blog’s run) did not transfer over to the […]