A forgotten part of the Gettysburg Campaign

There are more than 1,000 books that have been published over the past century and a half concerning the Battle of Gettysburg, and thousands of magazine and newspaper articles, as well as other written prose on the fighting. Only a handful focus on the retreat from Gettysburg (with Eric and J.D.’s new book in 2008 promising to be one of the best) and not too many discuss the roads to Gettysburg (my new book on the Gordon Expedition will help fill in these blanks once Ironclad gets it into print).

Among the mostly neglected topics is the Confederate activity here in York County, Pennsylvania. The home to the Battle of Hanover, as well as the location of the most grueling portion of Stuart’s ride, this county also saw its seat, York, become the largest Northern town to fall to the Rebels during the war when Jubal Early occupied the town and ransomed it.

I cover much of this local history in my new blog I write for the York Daily Record, the largest circulation newspaper in the county. Check it out, and feel free to post comments!






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