Mark Tewes’ Antietam (Version 1) Scenario

Author: Mark Tewes

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I am releasing the first 16 Antietam scenarios for the MMG community. They are as complete as I can get them unless something new comes up. More playtesting…..

At first I found modding to be very difficult, especially the OOB creation and editing, but starting with the OOB’s supplied by some excellent researchers at MMG, I was able to complete the task and move on to the battle. Louie Raider’s map is exceptional and an inspiration.

My thanks to the testers, in particular a military historian, Colonel in the united States army, whose write-up was like a report from general Lees desk. Truly exceptional quality.

Finally, the TC2M game is such a marvel. If you play Robert E. Lee, don’t think you will be overwhelmed by a much larger force every time. The AI has a mind of it’s own, whatever decision you make alters everything, and no two battles are alike.

I have learned a lot and I am still learning. There is a need for some dispatches that work in some scenarios and not in others, balancing the victory points, and some of the advanced nuances of making mods. Feel free to comment. I will collect and process suggestions, and re-release if needed. Have at it and enjoy!

If you wish to mod one of your own have at it. It only gets easier as you go. This system is truly a pleasure.

Two points of interest:

  1. One feature that is not an error, is the limited Federal “range”. Lee can scroll considerable distances, while the federals cannot. McClellan will find it difficult to command his army. (He Didn’t anyway.) The Corps and division level are similar. (no-one bothered to scout ahead). Federal orders are non-existent or communicate with sister units did not exist. In a nutshell, as any federal commander, you are in the dark
  2. All Corps or Division Scenarios continue after the time limit in case you wish to play your Corps/Division through the day.

Unzip and copy the mmg files into your scenario folder

Mark S. Tewes



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