Civil War Talk Radio: October 22, 2004

Air Date: 102204
Subject: Navies of the Civil War
Web Site: Ironclads and Blockade Runners of the Civil War
Guest: Professor Jim Janke
Guest Host: John Willis

Summary: Professor Jim Janke brings us the strategy and drama of naval warfare between the Union and the Confederacy.

Brett’s Summary: Jim Janke, Professor of Finance at Dakota State University, discusses all things Civil War navy, including the Union Blockade, Confederate raiders, the famous duel between the Monitor and the Virginia, the ability of riverine navies to invade the South, technological innovations introduced during the Civil War, and the common sailors of both sides.

Civil War Talk Radio airs most Fridays at 12 PM Pacific on World Talk Radio Studio A. Host Gerry Prokopowicz, the History Chair at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, interviews a guest each week and discusses their interest in the Civil War. Most interviews center around a book or books if the guest is an author. Other guests over the years have included public Historians such as park rangers and museum curators,wargamers, bloggers, and even a member of an American Civil War Round Table located in London, England.

In this series of blog entries, I will be posting air dates, subjects, and guests, and if I have time, I’ll provide a brief summary of the program. You can find all of the past episodes I’ve entered into the blog by clicking on the Civil War Talk Radio category. Each program should appear either on or near the date it was first broadcast.

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