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  • The November 20, 2009 Civil War Talk Radio Has Been Posted

    I’m catching up on a few loose ends from late 2009, and one of these is to finally listen to several Civil War Talk Radio episodes I missed.  One of these was the November 20, 2009 Civil War Talk Radio episode featuring Professor Christian B. Keller talking about German-Americans, Chancellorsville, and Nativism.  You can also […]

  • Civil War Talk Radio: November 20, 2009

    Air Date: 112009 Subject: The Germans at Chancellorsville Book: Chancellorsville and the Germans: Nativism, Ethnicity, and Civil War Memory (Read the TOCWOC Review) Guest: Dr. Christian B. Keller from the U.S. Army Command and Staff College Summary: Christian Keller discusses German-American participation at Chancellorsville and that battle’s effect on German-American participation in the Civil War […]

  • Pre-Halloween Civil War Talk Radio Added

    I finally had some time to listen to and add the October 30, 2009 episode of Civil War Talk Radio.  Where possible, I’ll be including a picture of the guest and the main book or books discussed each episode.  No November 6 show is present in the archives.  Does anyone know if Gerry did a […]

  • Civil War Talk Radio: October 30, 2009

    Air Date: 103009 Subject: The Beginnings of Lost Cause Romanticism: The Ladies’ Memorial Associations of the South Book: Burying the Dead but Not the Past: Ladies’ Memorial Associations and the Lost Cause Guest: Dr. Caroline E. Janney Summary: Dr. Caroline Janney discusses the first organizations to characterize the Confederate cause as a noble one. Brett’s […]

  • Civil War Talk Radio: October 23, 2009

    Air Date: 102309 Subject: The Papers of Abraham Lincoln Project Website: Guest: Daniel Stowell Summary: Daniel Stowell talks about the Papers of Abraham Lincoln Project, “a long-term project dedicated to identifying, imaging, and publishing, both comprehensively in electronic form and selectively in printed volumes, all documents written by or to Abraham Lincoln during his […]

  • Civil War Talk Radio: October 16, 2009

    Air Date: 101609 Subject: Antietam National Battlefield Web Site:  Antietam National Battlefield Guest: Ted Alexander, Chief Historian at Antietam Summary: Ted Alexander, the Chief Historian at Antietam National Battlefield, talks about his job and the site he has loved since he was a boy. Brett’s Summary: Note: I missed part of the first segment this […]

  • September 25 and October 2, 2009 Summaries of Civil War Talk Radio Posted

    After some technical difficulties, I have finally managed to get summaries of the September 25 and October 2, 2009 episodes of Civil War Talk Radio posted on the dates they originally aired.   The September 25 show featured Ronald Smith discussing his biography of Thomas Ewing, and the October 2 episode covered the topic of disunion, […]