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I hope to make this the place to go for HPS ACW Campaign Games' add-ons. If you have any material and you would like to submit it, please e-mail me at and I'll be happy to post your work. I'll also let you design your own page or just give me a write-up if you have numerous add-ons. I tend to work with Rich Hamilton and his Scenario Design Center as closely as possible, so if you already have work posted there I'd love to have a copy hosted here also.

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Scenarios (By Year And Theater)

1861 East

Updated 06/30/04

1861 West

Updated 04/30/03

1862 East

Updated 03/09/05

1862 West

Updated 08/12/03

1863 East

Updated 7/04/06

1864 East

Updated 02/07/04


NEW 05/17/04

Scenarios (By Author)

Ned Simms' Scenarios Gettysburg 7/04/06

Rolf Hall's Scenarios New Berne 03/09/05

Rich White's Scenarios Big Bethel (Co. Level) 06/30/04

Pete Seibel's Add-Ons 02/08/04

Luciano Bassotti's Scenarios 3rd Winchester 02/07/04

Tom Hicks' Scenarios Front Royal 10/10/03

Robert Frost 's Scenario Updated 02/01/03

Dave Murphy's Seven Pines for Corinth Game Updated 01/05/03

Dave Murphy's Seven Pines for BGN Game NEW 12/12/02

Chris Hopper's Scenarios Twice Hallowed Manassas 02/28/03

Tom DeHoff 's Scenario

Dierk Walter's Shiloh Scenarios