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* All scenarios on this site are for use with Campaign Corinth unless specifically stated otherwise.


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This page is far from complete. I intend to build a "one-stop shop", so to speak, for the HPS American Civil War titles, similar to Glenn Saunders' excellent Unofficial Panzer Campaigns Home Page!, which focuses on HPS' Panzer Campaigns Series, and Bill Peters' similarly excellent Napoleonic Campaign Games Design Center, which focused on that company's Napoleonic series of games. I hatched this idea a while back when I saw that the ACW games could use a site which spread the word about them to gamers, but not until now did I have the web space to put the plan into motion. I have posted the various HPS Campaign Corinth Mods and Scenarios which have been made to date. Campaign Ozark, Campaign Franklin, and Campaign Gettysburg have now also been released and more titles are on the way! I have now also started working directly with the American Civil War Cartography Office, whose link is below. The ACWCO will host all of the BG scenarios available and maintain the comprehensive list of all ACW John Tiller scenarios, while I will continue to host new HPS scenarios. I have also added a research section to help guide anyone looking to create new scenarios. As more Civil War series games are released, expect this site to continue growing.
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Current Titles in the HPS Civil War Campaign Series:

Date Released
Latest Version
Current MSRP

Drew Wagenhoffer
Interview 11/28/02

November 21, 2001

Campaign Ozark

Drew Wagenhoffer
Interview 04/17/03

April 4, 2003

Rich Walker
Interview 11/07/03

November 7, 2003


Scenario Design Notes

Doug Strickler
Interview 08/03/04

August 6, 2004


Campaign Peninsula

Drew Wagenhoffer
Interview 03/25/05

April 1, 2005

Campaign Shiloh

Scenario Descriptions

Rich Walker
Interview 7/18/05

July 1, 2005

Campaign Vicksburg

Drew Wagenhoffer
Lee Hook

October 13, 2006

Campaign XXXXXXX


Visit the American Civil War Cartography Office. The ACWCO lists all ACW BG and HPS scenarios available to members of the ACWGC, including all scenarios on this site!

Visit the C. Clayton Thompson Bookstore at the Civil War Mall. A Great Source for New and Used Civil War Books.

Camp Pope Bookshop

Visit the Camp Pope Bookshop. The Source for Quality Books Covering the Trans-Mississippi Theater of the Civil War.

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